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Reset Guide: Pontiac G6 Oil Life Oil Change Light (2005-2010) – The G6 is a mid-size car produced by Pontiac from 2004 to 2009. It was introduced in late 2004 as a replacement for the Grand Am.

The G6 shared the Epsilon platform, among other things, with the Chevrolet Malibu and the Saab 9-3. The model’s style was conventional, and the fluted inserts and rear wings that were characteristic of the Grand-Am were replaced by more common sheet metal.


Contents1 Reset Guide: Pontiac G6 Oil Life Oil Change Light (2005-2010)1.1 With Gas Pedal1.2 With DIC Button

Reset Guide: Pontiac G6 Oil Life Oil Change Light (2005-2010)

Time needed: 7 minutes.The easiest way to reset the oil life on this vehicle is by pressing the accelerator pedal 3 times. Here’s how to do it:Place the ignition to the RUN position without starting the engineIf your vehicle has the keyless starting system, hold down the ENGINE START/STOP button without pressing the brake pedal

Fully depress the GAS pedal, three times within 5 seconds

Don’t rush, make sure you press it fullyTurn off the ignitionPress the ENGINE START/STOP button onceVerify the indicator has been reset by starting the engineDone!

With DIC Button

You can also reset the oil life through DIC button:Turn on the ignition without starting the enginePress the INFO button briefly until “OIL LIFE REMAINING” appears on the screen

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