Red Dead Redemption 2: how to discover Red Sage There space over 40 various plant types throughout the floor in Red Dead Redemption 2. This guide will describe where to discover the rarely Red Sage.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 purple Evening
Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most detailed video games in history, setup a new bar because that realism in the medium. In between the towns and also cities are huge and diverse ecosystems through flora and fauna to both admire and collect. Hunting provides an elaborate mini-game in and of itself, yet there are an ext peaceful ways of communicating with the land v over 40 different plant types that deserve to be gathered.

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Plants and herbs are discovered everywhere and can be offered in make or as consumables once the player (or their horse) is in a pinch. Lock aren"t every so simple to find, though. One of the hardest to obtain is Red Sage, which has actually been a need for Red Dead Online Daily challenges in the past. This overview will define where to discover Red Sage and also how come spot it among all those various other beautiful west colors.

Red Sage deserve to be discovered exclusively in brand-new Austin, the westernmost state in the game. In the story mode, this area deserve to only be accessed in the epilogue, yet it is easily accessible from the an extremely beginning of Red Dead Online. While the herb deserve to be discovered throughout the state, the many reliable clues is right around Fort Mercer, as watched on the map above. Ft Mercer is located in the Rio Bravo area. Head come this area and scavenge just north the the roadway that is north of fort Mercer. The herb deserve to be discovered rather abundantly in this area, and also the player can constantly leave and rejoin a conference to get it to spawn again.

detect Red Sage isn"t challenging because that isn"t around, but much more so since it blends in conveniently with the neighboring landscape. It doesn"t look at too various from grass or various other shrubberies, return its red flower do aid to differentiate it. To an ext easily clues this elusive herb, activate Eagle Eye vision by pushing down on both thumb-sticks simultaneously. This will cast most that the surroundings in a darkened tint, other than for any plants or pets that have the right to be interacted with. Activate Eagle Eye and any nearby Red Sage will be highlighted through a glittering impact that expand a few feet greater than the plant would otherwise reach, making it much simpler to spot.

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Consuming Red Sage will certainly count as picking the for any kind of Daily Challenge, so if satchel an are is limited, don"t worry around putting it straight into the character"s mouth (or their horse"s).