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12: Meteor Falls

On the ledge come the west is a Treasure round you have the right to break a rock to with that consists of a Protein you may want to grab. Together you work-related your way around the ledges you will certainly arrive at the entrance to the tunnel come Meteor drops -- i beg your pardon is whereby Magma took the Professor.

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The enntrance gate to Meteor falls

-- Meteor drops --

A huge cave in the northwest component of Hoenn, Meteor falls is at when mysterious and also enchanting. Once you get inside the foreboding emotion is emphasized by dark music and also a dank view.

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Meteor drops Area Pokemon Report

-- #338 Solrock (C)-- #041 Zubat (C)

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I don"t know around you but I to be expecting there to be an ext to this then just walking inside and bang! over there is Team Magma! I median I assumed we would at least have actually to fight our means through a few rooms, maybe record a Pokemon, and also then encounter Magma and also their nefarious plot, yet no, over there they are plain as day!

As quickly as we show up the Magma blokes acquire all chest-bumpy mad, and we tell lock which method up is, and also you recognize where this is going, right? and just then who should present up however Team Aqua! might this get any worse? Why, yes. Correctly it can!

Just once it looks favor we are going to mix that up, Magma grabs the meteorite and bolts -- then the Aqua leader tells us that the misjudged united state -- well, little bit of a left-handed compliment that, yet still, comes from a nutter that desires to overwhelming the earth I guess friend just have to take what you have the right to get, right?

The Professor tells united state what occurred to the -- and also it is clear that we need to acquire to Mr. Chimney appropriate away to avoid Magma from unleashing a deadly effect that will certainly magnify the sun"s light ray a gazillion times, killing us all!

OK, ours fastest method to Mt. Chimney is actually with the caves here and out the various other side quite than retrace our way back come Fallarbor. The course down is quick, sure, we just have to jump a bunch of ledges, and also out the various other side is path 115 -- i beg your pardon we never visited when we to be in Rustboro!

Before girlfriend head turn off to Mr. Briney"s cottage you will certainly remember the he is in Slateport wait for you! He cannot be in two places at once, so you space not going to be taking the watercraft to Slateport this time -- however hey, us don"t have actually to! Remember? We opened the cave! We have the right to conveniently walk come Mauville native here! Poit!

Head v the cave, pausing just long sufficient to capture a Solrock, and out ~ above to path 115.

-- route 115 --

Route 115 is a rural course connecting Meteor falls to Rustboro, and providing accessibility to the s for Fisherman and Trainers based the end of Rustboro.

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Route 115 Area Pokemon Report

-- #039 Jiggleypuff (R)-- #129 Magikarp (C) Fishing: Old Rod-- #279 Pelipper (R) Surf-- #333 Swablu (C)-- #277 Swellow (R)-- #276 Taillow (C)-- #072 Tentacool (C) Fishing: good Rod & Surf-- #320 Wailmer (U) Fishing: at sight Rod-- #278 Wingull (U) Grass and also Surf

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you deserve to see there space a couple of Pokemon below that we could add to ours Dex, so gain at it! as soon as you space done pop under to Rustboro and also head east to the cavern entrance, then through the cave to Verdanturf Town, fight the Poke facility to heal, save, and also swap out your team because that the active A-Team that you benched to avoid it from over-leveling. Hope you did not level any type of of them beyond 28, right? The factor we space grabbing them now is because there room some Level 24"s we will be facing, and also immediately after ~ taking treatment of the next challenge we will certainly be heading because that our following Gym Battle...

Be certain to hit the Mart to replace any kind of kit you supplied up, and when you room ready, head for Mt. Chimney!