The absence of diversity within venture capital is something I have actually been tough at work-related to shot and remedy and I write around frequently. In my last post, ns laid the end the demographic breakdowns the the endeavor industry and also sought come disprove the id that the reason that there are so couple of investors of color is because venture investors have to be engineers, by reflecting that the bulk of undertaking investors have actually no technological experience.

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Since my last post, I have actually updated mine data and also the results, and while there has actually been an development after 2 years, us still have a long means to walk in boosting diversity in ~ our industry. The to update demographics can be uncovered below.

Racial Breakdown





Stanford or Harvard?

This time around, i have decided to include one an ext dataset to my collection; where each investor earned your undergraduate and graduate degrees. Although ns suspected the there would be a high concentration among a select number of institutions, ns was still shocked to see just how insular the sector really is. After going through ~1,500 investors, I found that 40% of venture investors have actually attended Stanford or Harvard. Simply TWO schools! Why is that? Everyone desires to work with those they space most comparable to, and education, gender, and also race are characteristics that allow people to discover similarities in others.

With 82% that the industry being male, practically 60% that the sector being white male, and 40% the the sector coming from just two scholastic institutions, it is no wonder the this market feels therefore insular and also less the meritocracy but more of a mirrortocracy. This is many clear once looking in ~ the educational backgrounds of black investors. End 50% of black investors in venture capital went come Harvard or Stanford. The bar to develop a much more diverse market is difficult when one looks for folks that most resemble themselves; and while talent is same distributed, unfortunately, chance is not.

The results of this mode of Thinking

When you couple the lack of gender and also racial diversity through the lack of educational college diversity, you not only finish up with teams that watch similar, however you also end increase with teams that think in a comparable fashion. Not just is our sector lacking in gender and also racial balance, but we also suffer from a lack of cognitive diversity.

This insularity that the endeavor ecosystem has actually ripple results throughout the technology industry. It is no a coincidence that the amount of capital raised through minorities and women carefully resembles your representation amongst venture capitalists. And also furthermore, that is no surprise as to why the demographics of most venture-backed startups additionally reflects the demographics that the venture capitalists that money these companies. If we desire to have more successes in the undertaking and wider tech ecosystems, diversity in every fashions (racial, gender, cognitive) demands to it is in a part of what drives us forward.

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The full dataset made use of in this article can be uncovered here. Richard Kerby is a partner at Equal Ventures.