For deliveries exterior of the Northeast shipping varieties from $29.99-49.99 based on the order size.

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We likewise offer local delivery to pick zip password (see below). The local delivery fee is $4.99 and free on orders over $99.


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Local shipment Zip Codes:

07960, 07920, 07976, 07935, 07946, 07980, 07933, 07928, 07940, 07932, 07039, 07078, 07901, 07922, 07079, 07040, 07111, 07052, 07042, 07044, 07006, 07068, 07936, 07054, 07981, 07009, 07424, 07013, 07043, 07003, 07017, 07018, 07512, 07004, 07058, 07021, 07028, 07974, 07041, 07042, 07050, 07106, 07059, 07081, 07950, 07927, 07470, 07082, 07045, 07046


You bespeak is very closely packed through a thick 1.5" insulation and two large ice packs. We add enough ice packs to keep the product cold in the event of a delay*. Your meat is shipped fresh, never ever frozen (unless otherwise indicated) and most items space hand-cut by our artisan butchers and fish-cutters the work your box ships.

The box and insulation are completely curbside recyclable. The cold packs space re-usable - placed them earlier in the freezer and also use on your following day in ~ the coast or camping trip. If you wish to dispose of the cold packs, once they have melted, cut one corner of the bag and dispose of the components in the trash. The cold load bag have the right to then be recycled curbside.

*Always check to make certain product is cool come the touch when received


Why Fresh? open tab

We provide fresh instead of frozen. Fresh offers you the versatility to consume the product in it"s optimal state or freeze for future use.

Many that our commodities are got daily from our suppliers and are hand-cut for your order. This results in only days from farm come fork and provides you through product as fresh as possible. Order her meats online this day from Chop Box!

Chop crate Guarantee open tab
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and also want to provide you with The ideal Meat You"ll ever before Eat. If for any reason us didn"t deliver on that, you re welcome reach the end to united state at support or 973-859-3280.
Sharon M.
THUMANNS dog the best
Deborah C.
I was once a Nathan"s fanatic as soon as it pertained to hot dogs. Ns have had other Thumanns cold cuts and so on from one Italian Hoagie shop in Chester County, i was conscious of the quality. In my much in all my samplings of over 30 brands of warm dogs...Thumaans is top DOG. Our following 2 favourite ( Nathan"s no longer in the height 10) after Thumaans are Sabretts and Vienna Beef. I will certainly admit as soon as we take it a pilgrimage to the midwest...I carry home 15-20 lbs that Vienna Beef Hotdogs and spicy beef sausages. Chop"re the greatest baby!!!
Deborah C.
By bye Nathan;.......Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Thumann"s,...incredible!!!
Patrick J.
Best ever
anita m.
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