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“Love looks not with the eyes, yet with the mind,And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

--A Midsummer Night"s Dream

Shakespeare"s comedy i m sorry takes ar on June 23, the Summer Solstice, is collection in ancient Athens, a citadel of civilization and also law, and the forest outside...

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“Love watch not v the eyes, however with the mind,And thus is winged Cupid painted blind.”

--A Midsummer Night"s Dream

Shakespeare"s comedy i m sorry takes ar on June 23, the Summer Solstice, is collection in old Athens, a citadel that civilization and law, and also the forest exterior the city. The Summer Solstice is a time of magic and also the enchanted forest is a ar where the rule of guy are suspended. The young lovers, Hermia and Lysander flee come the forest because it is a for sure haven for them ~ above the means to Hermia"s aunt. But, in this fascinating forest, there room sprites who cast spells top top the mortals during this time recognized for its celebration event of fertility.

So, "love is in the air," so to speak. People"s libidos are energized through the magic that the Summer Solstice and also by the fairy dust that is sprinkled in their eyes, or the spells actors upon them just like the personality Bottom, who feels as though he has had actually a wonderful dream:

 I have had a most rare vision. I have had actually a dream previous the wit of man to speak what dream it to be (4.1.9).

And, also though she is under Oberon"s assignment so that he can catch the changeling boy, Titiana seems an ext than enthralled with the donkey-headed Bottom as she instructs him,

Gently entwist; the woman ivy soEnrings the barky finger of the elm.O, just how I love thee! just how I dote on thee! (4.1.42-44)

These passages likewise illustrate the layout of revolution that prevails throughout the beat in both the fairy and also the human human being as the young human being fall asleep in one temperament, then awake in a different one. With the performance of Pyramus and also Thisbe, Shakespeare transforms his own play and also questions his craft.

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With all this confusion, Puck reappears in the Epilogue and tells the audience the if this play has actually caused the audience consternation, they have the right to just take into consideration it a dream, too:

If you pardon, we will mend.And, together I to be an ethical Puck,If we have unearned luckNow to scape the serpent"s tongue,We will certainly make amends ere long; (5.1.425-129) 

And, Puck will certainly make things appropriate as he has done with all but Demetrius, who yet continues to be under a order so that he will love Helena. And, so, to usage the words from an additional play <Macbeth>, "nothing is yet what is not" both when one is in love and also when one acts, because that in both scenarios "Lord, what fools this mortals be!" (3.2.115).