MaryKate: once do Danes start their first heat cycle?My dane will certainly be 1 year in ~ the end of the month. Haven"t watched anything that resembles a heat cycle yet. Simply wondering around when they generally start...When have your pups gone into heat because that the an initial time?Spaying is in her future... However its as well as the point. Are Danes "late bloomers" or is it just my dog... 1 year old and also still nothing.

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by J.M.Eavans & Kay White

Answer by Jen HinsonSome females clean themselves really well, so look for several licking. Ended up being if this you could not she that "dripping blood". Execute watch for excessive licking.I really wish civilization will gain off everyone"s back about spaying and neutering prior to 6mos of age or spat prior to the very first heat. It has actually been proven the with bigger dogs (like Danes, black Russian terrier, etc) the it"s an ext healthy come postpone this actions till the dog/bitch is 24months of Be. In ~ a minimum of 12 months, yet even the is iffy. Huge breed dogs room still growing, arising muscle, bone mass, and also connectivity tissue until 2years the age.

Don"t allow anyone push you to gain it excellent early! They will not it is in the one v vet receipt or a lame dog in pain experiencing from very early death. Yet I cannot stress enough to clock any and also all intact dogs (male and also female) carefully. Females need watching throughout their heat (if they have actually one before 2 years. The could not get very first one till then. Big breeds typically are late bloomers)

For those that you who only have actually a male(s) sitting back and saying, "I don"t have to worry around my dog in heat or gaining pregnant". Remember, you have much more responsibilities and also need come watch her dogs all the time, not just 6weeks out of the year. Ns say this since your male have the right to hook up with any type of female at any time the me wants. The masculine doesn"t uBersexual their own warmth system go journey them. Castle are pushed by every email in season in the neighborhood!

One female could produce possibly 2 dozen pups a year. That is 2 warm cycles. The male could hook up with countless females every work of the year. Let"s speak the male is reduced in finish freedom. And only hooks up v 1 woman a day with a little Average that 6 pups/ one year the 364 days, that one masculine would develop over 1800 puppies. The is conservative. Have the right to you imagine if he gets along with 5 or much more a day? even if no all rest in pregnancy, the is still an quantity much an ext than a solitary female can produce. Both political parties responsible, yet males should be addressed too. Ns wonder if court charged owner of males boy support if more neutering would certainly be done.

Again come those offering hell for maintaining dogs undamaged past a details time, get facts right. There are medical reasons for operation at a much later age. Girlfriend don"t understand why owners don"t desire to keep dig undamaged for time being. Some dogs can never be fixed, reason the might be allergic to anesthesia, etc. Finally, if everyone addressed their dogs, it would be just one much more generation of dogs left. ~ that, they would certainly be extinct! I"m not against fixing dogs and also bitches, however I am versus those who think all dogs should be fixed!Sorry…Autospeller messed up few of my words. I hope you can make out what I supposed to say!

My Dane is 7 month old today… I will not have her solved until ~ 18 months old, due to the fact that I also want lock to carry out the Gastropexy in ~ the exact same time…

For those who don’t know what this is here is the definition: Gastropexy (Stomach Tack) for avoidance of “Bloat” in Pets. A gastropexy is a laparoscopic procedure that permanently attaches the dog’s stomach come the abdominal wall. This prevents the stomach indigenous “twisting” and causing a GDV (Gastic Dilation and also Volvulus).

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The reason for this is since my critical Dane a 10 year old passed away from her stomach twisting roughly her spleen… it was awful to watch and also I never want this to happen again…

The factor for wait so long is due to the fact that a Dane is still cultivation at 6 month old, and also it really must wait until after 24 months…

So due to the fact that I’m wait for this ns will have actually both excellent at the same time, therefore she doesn’t need to go through two surgery’s…

All I would ask is the you have a talk with your vet and ask them what lock think…

If you have actually a great vet that knows and understands an excellent Danes they will certainly tell you to wait, however it is as much as you…

So I’m going ago and forth about getting my currently 8 month dane spayed I want puppies but am a little nervous therefore many world have said me various things around “Oh she will certainly bleed everywere” or ” make certain you each other her v the ideal breed ” can anyway describe in over there answer? Thanks

Hii to answer your concern Leslie,My good dane is 1 year old an she simply started her cycle. To me i think some good danes are simply late bloomers.