Nothing is much more exciting than having actually a brand-new crush. That doesn’t matter just how old or skilled you space — the first time he messages you is downright exhilarating. Your heart skips a beat and also you try your best to continue to be cool even though your mind is going a million miles a second. You’re confident and also independent, yet you tho overthink this type of stuff. In fact, you more than likely have every one of these thoughts when a guy asks, “What are you law this weekend?”

“It’s happening.”

He’s ultimately seen the light and also realized you’re supposed to be together — take it him lengthy enough. You wonder wherein he’ll take you. You had Chinese food critical weekend and also really don’t need any more orange chicken in your system. You could see a movie, yet there’s nothing an excellent out except “Sully,” and also you’ve already seen that three times. Would 4 be excessive? Whatever. All the matters is the you’re around to become the following Brangelina — pre-2016, of course.

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“I require my tribe’s advice.”

Screenshot! Naturally, you need to tell her friends about this. I mean, you’re currently analyzing this text to pieces, so girlfriend might too do it with your squad via team chat. What, are you an alleged to message him ago without gaining their advice? What are ideal friends because that if no helping you build the perfect reply?

“I’ll wait to message him.”

exactly how long have to you wait to message him? you don’t recognize all the date rules, but you’re pretty sure you’re not claimed to respond immediately — at the very least that was the thing in high institution (clearly you’ve been the end of the video game a while). You don’t want to look too eager but you likewise don’t want him come think you’re purposely waiting to message him, so… ten minutes? you can’t deal; that’s also long. Just wait five and also go because that it.

“He can just desire to hook up.”

 You don’t know what his intentions are yet! He might just be trying to hook up. Should you asking him? It’s more than likely too soon, considering you haven’t even had a very first date yet. You really hope he’s no just searching for something casual. You’re no trying to acquire married or anything, but a genuine relationship would be nice. Being single and all set to mingle sucks, especially with guys who space trying to mingle with everyone.

“Maybe it’s not what ns think.” 

Ya understand what? He’s probably simply texting friend to be nice, or maybe he gained the dorn number. He could be interested in your friend and also he’s make the efforts to figure out she weekend plans through you. Yeah, that’s more than likely it. There’s a opportunity he can be some kind of stalker who has actually pictures of you everywhere his bedroom wall… Nah, he’s too gorgeous to be insane.

“I’ll say i’m busy.” What have to you say? You review somewhere the you’re never supposed to accept a guy’s an initial invitation. You’ll to speak you’re busy, however what must you say you’re doing? You could tell him friend have another date this weekend… No, that’s lame and a complete lie. Friend don’t have actually crap to perform this weekend however you don’t desire him to know exactly how anti-social you space (at the very least not yet). You can tell him you’re babysitting… people still use that together an excuse, right?

“I always knew he favored me!”

according to her friends, he’s absolutely going to ask friend out. Hell yeah! Wait, what carry out they know? They’re solitary AF… no offense. Perhaps you should ask your friends who room married or in relationships… if only you didn’t dislike them all. He has to be interested in you! You’re super flirty and also you catch him looking in ~ you all the time! he likes you and also you choose him. It’s time to put on your huge girl pants and also go out v this guy.

“This is honestly also stressful.”

Talk about drama! can you be reasoning any more about this? The critical time you considered this plenty of possibilities was as soon as you take it calculus in high school. Reasoning sucks, and also you don’t want to need to do this whenever a man texts you. Friend don’t think girlfriend should date anyone best now. Probably in a couple of years as soon as you’re more stable… yeah, you’ll just disregard him. Great plan.

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“Ugh I’ll just text him.” 

Crap! has actually too much time passed? It’s been like 30 minutes, he’s definitely going to think you’re play games. You’ll just text him tomorrow. Would certainly it be weird if you responded a day later? Yeah, that would, so you’ll simply text him earlier now. Deep breath. Say something cool and make yourself sound obtainable but not as well available. Okay, you’ll simply say, “Nothing planned, WBU?” Sent. Oh, what a time to it is in alive!

“I don’t require this guy.” 

He hasn’t texted on the back! What can he probably be law that’s hindering that from replying come you? Ya understand what, you’ve been simply fine without this guy for the last 20 or so years — friend don’t care if you ever hear from him again. Honestly, he is the one who have to be stressing out. Excluding this boy freak out, you’re a pretty i was sure person — he requirements to shot a tiny harder if he wants to obtain on your great side. You couldn’t treatment less exactly how good-looking the is! Eeek — nevermind, he simply texted girlfriend back.

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