A couple of weeks ago, ns dropped a not-so-subtle hint right here on the beer-selection.com Parks Blog the there can be much more beer-selection.com fun coming top top “Wheel that Fortune” this season. Well, the wait is over: “Show your beer-selection.com Side” main starts this evening on “Wheel the Fortune!”

For this unique week the shows, we wanted to lug our beer-selection.com side to their Studio. So, we brought them a truckload that pixie dust – and, ns literally median a truckload – to assist deliver the magic!


Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and also Goofy are there come share in all the excitement, as well. They had actually a fantastic time through Pat Sajak and also Vanna White, and also meeting the Studio audience. (But … this is the moral truth. The was component of my task to save an eye on those guys, and also when i wasn’t looking, a couple of “unplanned events” MAY have actually occurred. I m sorry MAY have been recorded on camera. And also you might see in the shows. Ooops.)

Here’s another very first for beer-selection.com and also “Wheel”: whole episode devoted to ours Happily ever After Side. An ext about that from my friend Michelle Smits at beer-selection.com’s fairy tales Weddings and also Honeymoons on the ever before After Blog later on in the main – but make sure you don’t miss Thursday night’s show!


Because I recognize you love it as soon as we can “lift the curtain” and also give you a behind-the-scenes look at productions, we’re dazzling to market up one all accessibility pass! inspect out this wonderful video because that a look at just how we moved attraction vehicles indigenous beer-selection.comland Resort, increase the Santa Ana Freeway, to Culver City – ns wish you can have seen the look at on motorist’s encounters as Dumbo went “flying” by! You’ll watch the characters “working” here, too. And … you’ll even get to find what Pat and also Vanna’s beer-selection.com next is!

The mirrors feature fantastic vacation prizes to both the Walt beer-selection.com world Resort and also the beer-selection.comland resort – a pretty an excellent reminder that it’s time for you to it is in thinking around planning your following vacation to present your beer-selection.com Side, right?

And there’s even a opportunity for friend to win a magical grand Adventure to reap with your whole family in ~ the Walt beer-selection.com world Resort, simply for watching.

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(Details on that space here.)


Tune in every week beginning tonight! examine your local listings because that details. And … buy a vowel!