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What"s in a Name?


Language Arts Social Sciences Ed. Technology


3-5 6-8

Brief Description

Students use ideas to determine U.S. Cities through unusual names and also plot castle on a map.



use context clues to recognize the name of U.S. Cities through unusual names, use library and/or web sources to find the geographical location that a list of U.S. Cities, demonstrate abilities come plot urban on a map.


geography, place, cities, united States, name, unusual, map

Materials Needed


pens or pencils computers with net access library resources or internet map sites pushpins or markers United says map that reflects each state

Lesson Plan

Ask students come name some cities in the unified States. Give students a few unusual city names (for example, Santa Claus, Indiana; Bug, Kentucky; Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania). Questioning students even if it is they think the name are actual or make up. Distribute What"s in a Name? occupational sheet. Phone call students to use the ideas on the paper to number out other unusual city names. When everyone has actually finished, inspect the answers as a group. When everyone has finished, have actually each team use pushpins or markers to plot your assigned cities.

Variations because that younger students:

Arrange students into pairs or little groups to complete the job-related sheet. Provide a word bank with the city surname in alphabet order to aid students complete the occupational sheet.


Evaluate students" work-related sheet answers and also map skills.ANSWER KEY: 1. Cash, 2. Bacon, 3. Nice, 4. Dinosaur, 5. Sweet, 6. Noodle, 7. Boos, 8. Embarrass, 9. Volcano, 10. Forks, 11. Sisters, 12. Yell, 13. Hurricane, 14. Odd, 15. Zigzag.