Judging the load of something the weighs 5 kilograms can be difficult withough a scale nearby.

Sometimes girlfriend will should reference other items of comparable weight which will certainly be helpful. You might need to referral several smaller sized items to equal the exact same weight.

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So ns compiled a list of 11 item to provide you an idea of different items that are close to 5 kilograms in load making it easier for you to compare.

5 kilograms is same to 11.02 pounds or 176.37 ounces.

DumbbellBag of potatoesPumpkinItalian Greyhounddog40 Bananas35 Baseballs4 Macbook AirBag that FlourAdult cat5 Pineapples5 gold Kilobars

1. Dumbell

A dumbbell is a well-known piece of exercise equipment used by many civilization at any age.

Dumbbells are supplied for a range of various exercises, including presses, rows, bicep curls, and also shoulder presses.

Dumbbells have the right to vary in weight ranging from 5-100 pounds.

For the mean user, a usual weight to usage is 5 kilograms.

Sometimes the weight on the dumbbells can be readjusted to customize the exercise yet many of them are a fixed weight.

2. Bag that potatoes

Potatoes in the grocery store store are often easily accessible in different sizes such as 2 or 3 pounds.

They can also be to buy in 10 lb bags which is close come 5 kilograms.

Next time you are out grocery store shopping, choose up a 10-pound bag of potato to gain a sense of what 5 kilograms feeling like.


3. Pumpkin

Although the median pumpkin weighs between 16 and also 24 pounds, that is quite typical to see smaller sized ones weigh right approximately the 10 – 12 lb range. This is an extremely close to 5 kilograms.

Of course, the load of a pumpkin will be less when it’s hollowed out. Some pumpkins room heavier than others depending on the size and thickness that the pumpkin and how big the feet is the is carved into it.

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4. Italian Greyhound dog

The Italian Greyhound is a tiny breed the was designed for companionship and as a hunter and pointer because that wild game. They are affectionate, loyal, intelligent, and gentle.

They are also playful, curious, self-sufficient, and eager to please. These dogs gain being through people. Their slender shape and also short snouts do them great apartment dogs.

As one adult, the Italian Greyhound dog will certainly weigh about 5 kilograms.

5. 40 Bananas

A banana is a fruit that is frequently yellow in color and about 7-8 inch in length. A common banana is oval in form with a long, narrow and pointed tip.

The weight of a medium-sized banana is roughly 120 grams. 4 Bananas sweet 500 grams and 40 bananas weigh 5000 grams. If you transform 5000 grams right into kilograms, it would certainly equal 5.

40 Bananas = 5 Kilograms.


6. 35 Baseballs

Major organization Baseball (MLB), has a rule concerning the size and also weight that baseballs gift used during the game. They need to be in between 5-5.25 ounces or 142-149 grams in weight.Although MLB might be an altering this rule in 2021.

So if 1 baseball weighs 5.25 ounces which is 0.328 pounds, then 35 that them together will weigh 183.75 ounces i beg your pardon is 11.48 pounds or 5.2 kilograms.

7. 4 Macbook air laptop computers

The Macbook waiting was an initial introduced in 2008 by to apologize Inc and has come to be one that the most famous laptop computer systems in the world.

It is well-known for that thin, lightweight, and modern-day design.

The Macbook waiting weighs just 2.8 pounds i m sorry is 0.2 pounds less than the Macbook Pro.

If you can photo 4 Macbook Pro’s stacked together, they would certainly weigh 11.2 pounds i beg your pardon is just over 5 kilograms total.


8. Bag of flour

If friend are right into cooking and baking, you will certainly know just how handy a bag the flour is.

Flour is readily accessible in many grocery stores and also comes in a variety of bag sizes and also weights.

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If friend are trying to find a larger bag the flour, you can buy a 5-kilogram bag i beg your pardon is about 10 pounds.

2 pound and also 5-pound bags are also available.

9. Adult cat

Not all cats space the same size and weight. One adult pet cat the you would have actually at house can selection in weight from 8-10 pounds because that females and also 10-14 pounds because that a male.

The median size to suppose a healthy and balanced adult masculine cat would certainly be about 10-11 pounds i beg your pardon is around 5 kilograms. However this will certainly vary based upon the breed of cat together well. Specific breeds will certainly be smaller or larger than others when complete grown and their weights can vary.


10. 5 Pineapples

Pineapples are taken into consideration to it is in both a tropic plant and fruit that has several berry grown together. They are available for acquisition in most grocery stores and markets roughly the world. Castle are really popular.

Although pineapples can selection in size and also weight, it is common to see them weigh roughly 2-3 pounds or 0.9-1.36 kilograms.

If you to be to weigh 5 pineapples of this size on a scale, they would weigh close come 10-12 pounds i beg your pardon is right approximately 5 kilograms.

11. 5 gold Kilobars

Gold is a an extremely precious steel where the price or load of the is critical in the jae won world.

The size and also weight of gold bars have the right to vary depending upon the types. Because that example, a great delivery bar will constantly weigh 400 trojan ounces or 12.5 kilograms regardless of the size.

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A gold Kilo Bar is smaller sized in size and also weighs 1 kilogram or 1000 grams which is 32 trojan ounces.