As soft as silk, together white as milk, As bitter together gall, a solid wall, and also a eco-friendly coat consist of me all.


Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town, Upstairs and also downstairs, in his nightgown; Rapping at the window, crying through the lock, "Are the youngsters in your beds? currently it"s eight o"clock."


Monday"s son is same of face, Tuesday"s son is full of grace, Wednesday"s boy is full of woe, Thursday"s kid has much to go, Friday"s son is loving and also giving, Saturday"s child works tough for the living, however the boy that"s born ~ above the Sabbath dayIs bonny and also blithe, and good and gay.

A well

As round as an apple, together deep together a cup, And all the king"s horses can"t fill it up.

WHAT ARE tiny BOYS made OF?

What are tiny boys do of, made of? What are little boys do of? "Snaps and snails, and also puppy-dogs" tails; and that"s what little boys space made of."

What are tiny girls make of, do of? What are small girls made of? "Sugar and spice, and also all that"s nice; and also that"s what little girls are made of."


"Twas once upon a time, once Jenny Wren to be young, So daintily she danced and also so prettily she sung, Robin Redbreast shed his heart, for he was a gallant bird. Therefore he doffed his cap to Jenny Wren, requesting to it is in heard.

"Oh, dearest Jenny Wren, if girlfriend will yet be mine, girlfriend shall feed on cherry pie and drink brand-new currant wine, I"ll dress you favor a goldfinch or any kind of peacock gay, So, dearest Jen, if you"ll it is in mine, let united state appoint the day."

Jenny blushed behind she fan and also thus declared her mind: "Since, dearest Bob, ns love friend well, I"ll take your sell kind. Cherry pie is really nice and so is currant wine, but I should wear my level brown gown and also never go too fine."

when THE snow IS on THE ground

The small robin grieves when the eye is ~ above the ground, because that the trees have actually no leaves, and also no berries deserve to be found.

The waiting is cold, the worms room hid; because that robin below what deserve to be done? Let"s strow roughly some crumbs of bread, and then he"ll live till eye is gone.


When ns was a bachelor I lived by myself; and all the bread and cheese I acquired I laid increase on the shelf.

The rats and the mouse They made together a strife, i was compelled to go to London come buy me a wife.

The roads were therefore bad, and the lanes to be so narrow, i was compelled to lug my wife house In a wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow broke, and also my wife had a fall; under came wheelbarrow, small wife and also all.

WHERE space YOU walk

"Where are you going, my pretty maid?" "I"m walking a-milking, sir," she said. "May i go v you, my pretty maid?" "You"re please welcome, sir," she said. "What is your father, mine pretty maid?" "My father"s a farmer, sir," she said. "What is your fortune, my pretty maid?" "My confront is mine fortune, sir," she said. "Then i can"t marry you, my pretty maid." "Nobody inquiry you, sir," she said.


"Whistle, daughter, whistle; Whistle, daughter dear." "I can not whistle, mammy, i cannot horn clear." "Whistle, daughter, whistle; Whistle for a pound." "I can not whistle, mammy, ns cannot do a sound."

WHY may NOT I?

Johnny shall have a brand-new bonnet, and Johnny shall walk to the fair, and also Johnny shall have actually a blue ribbon come tie increase his bonny brown hair.

And why might not i love Johnny? and why may not Johnny love me? and why may not i love Johnny and also another body?

And here"s a leg for a stocking, and also here"s a foot because that a shoe, and also he has a kiss for his daddy, and also two because that his mammy, i trow.

And why may not i love Johnny? and also why may not Johnny love me? and also why might not i love Johnny as well as another body?


"Willy boy, Willy boy, where are you going? I will go v you, if that ns may." "I"m going to the meadow to view them a-mowing, I"m walk to aid them to make the hay."


Willy, Willy WilkinKissed the maids a-milking, Fa, la, la! and with his funny daffingHe collection them every a-laughing, Ha, ha, ha!


Mister east gave a feast; Mister north laid the cloth; mr West walk his best; mr South burned his mouthEating cold potato.


Cold and also raw the north wind doth blow, Bleak in the morning early; every the hills are covered through snow, and winter"s now come fairly.


There dwelt an old woman at Exeter; When travellers came that sore vexed her, for this reason for fear they must eat, She locked up every her meat, This stingy old mrs of Exeter.


If I"d as lot money as I might tell, I never ever would cry young lambs to sell; Young lambs to sell, young lambs come sell; I never ever would cry young lambs come sell.


Young Roger came tapping at Dolly"s window, Thumpaty, thumpaty, thump!

He asked for admittance; she answered the "No!" Frumpaty, frumpaty, frump!

"No, no, Roger, no! as you come you may go!" Stumpaty, stumpaty, stump!


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