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Zumbrota Drivetrain has served a nationwide customer base because that over 30 years. We market a complete line of new, remanufactured, OE replacement and performance hand-operated transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials together with quality contents for rebuilding and repair. Us offer components for a variety of makes and also models the foreign and domestic passenger cars, SUV"s and also light duty trucks.As hand-operated transmissions become a less renowned option offered by most orginal tools suppliers, many aftermarket remanufacturers have turned their attention to other volume based product lines. Zumbrota Drivetrain continues to focus directly on this segment that the market. The result is obvious, Zumbrota Drivetrain delivers few of the many dependable remanufactured 5 speed, six speed and transaxle hands-on transmissions available. Our capacity to develop quality hand-operated transmissions is because of the people and processes occurred over the last 30 years. These procedures are repeatedly reviewed come ensure the highest possible quality possible.

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Features:Quality inspections are conducted 3 times during the remanufacturing processA pre-inspection is done to for sure the unit is cost-free of case cracks, too much wear and to catch other OEM related problems that plenty of cores haveA 2nd inspection is performed during the reman process to ensure every component parts accomplish OEM specificationsA last post-build investigate is done to ensure unit is developed to our strictly standardsAll units are quality inspected transparent the remanufacturing procedure to preserve our quality standard.All housings and top covers space cleaned making use of our state that the art hydro blasting and also rinsing process. This process is what brings all cases earlier to the OEM finish. Once you"ve viewed it, you"ll understand what we mean.100 percent investigate of interior parts, including equipment wear checks, mainshaft straightness test and synchronizer testing.100 percent replacement of seals, bearings, and other typical wear components.All transmissions room dynometer tested and ran through many real life scenarios.Units are shipped in high thickness plastic totes to aid eliminate in-transit damage.Manual transmissions used in vehicles as much as 3/4 tons are marketed with a conventional 2 Year/Unlimited usage WarrantyDetails:Manual infection AssemblyModel: brand-new Venture NV3500Drive Type: RWDEngine Liters: 5.2LEngine Cylinders: 8Transmission Speeds: 5Aluminum CaseIntegral Bell HousingID: 52107813Hollander Numbers: 400-03005Fits Models:1998-1999 evade Dakota NV3500

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Make automobile version Submodel Year Engine note
1998-1999 evade Dakota Dakota 1998-1999

In the civilization of remanufactured drivetrain components, there space a most companies to choose from, yet one stands over the rest: Zumbrota Drivetrain. Located in Zumbrota, Minnesota, they offer some of the best and most affordable rebuilt drivetrain components. An ext specifically, they sell new, remanufactured, OE replacement, and also performance hands-on transmissions, move cases, and also differentials.

What separates lock from other replacement drivetrain manufacturers is their committed staff of over 70 people, every one of which have considerable drivetrain expertise. Your expertise and massive 60,000 square foot facility permit them to produce high-quality and also affordable contents for thousands of different automotive applications.

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To put it simply, if you desire the ideal replacement drivetrain components, Zumbrota is the finest solution because that you.

vouch INFOStandard vouch - conventional 2 year/unlimited mileage warranty uses to every 3/4 ton and lighter applications.No-fault guarantee - No-fault 3 year vouch is easily accessible as one optional upgrade to the standard warranty. Update includes extr labor, towing, rental car, and also freight charge coverage.Limited warranty - The 1 year/18,000 usage warranty coverage contains commercial, farm vehicles, motorhomes and also rental vehicle applications no eligible top top the no-fault or typical warranty.Standard and no-fault warranty coverage walk not extend to commercial, farm yard vehicles, motorhomes and rental car applications.Modified and also or off-road applications are not extended by any kind of warranty.