Florida is a divided state as soon as it pertains to time. While many of Florida is in the east Time Zone, nine of Florida"s 67 counties are in the main Time Zone and also one ar is split.

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The counties in the central Time zone are:

Escambia CountySanta Rosa CountyOkaloosa CountyWalton CountyHolmes CountyWashington CountyBay CountyJackson county (borders eastern Time)Calhoun ar (borders east Time)Gulf ar (borders eastern Time) and is additionally split with 2 timezones. The northers next of Gulf ar is in the main Time Zone and also the southern along the Gulf coastline is in the east Time Zone.

So how did Florida get split on time?

First, let"s review exactly how time area were established. Time zones were first introduced in 1883 by a polite engineer who came up v the idea to help train schedules. Then in 1918, time zones became law through the conventional Time plot that applied standard time zones and also daylight conserving time in the U.S.

In Florida, the time line was created along the Apalachicola River, start at the Georgia border and also following the fiver come the south. However, the moment line does not go all the means to the coast as the river does. The shipping and railroad markets wanted to keep the seaside areas in the east Time Zone and also therefore, the line transforms at the fork in the Apalachicola flow in Apalachicola and encompasses short article St. Joe and also all the communities and beach towns to the south.

Residents divided by Time Zones

The time region is critical issue that has actually residents separated as well. In 1982, the citizens of Gulf County had the possibility to readjust the whole county to central Time, however 55 percent decided to save it as it is.

In 2018, the governor of Florida proposed The Sunshine security Act that would certainly permanently save Florida top top Daylight saving Time. This bill was pass by the Florida Legislature but may never ever happen because it requires an act of conference to adjust a time zone. A associated bill propose moving every one of Florida come the east Time Zone i m sorry was not passed. While there are countless residents that would like every one of Florida to it is in on the same time zone, the bulk of residents in the main Time region counties in Florida"s west panhandle are adjusted to the central Time Zone and want to store it.

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Interesting areas Living with everyday Time region differences

Gulf is the just county in Florida through two time zones. Cities close to the moment zone in Gulf County encompass Mexico Beach, harbor St. Joe, Wewahitchka, and Apalachicola. Citizens who drive throughout the Apalachicola river in Florida, go into into a various time zone. Schools and also government workplaces are often working from different time zones.