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The Notebook: Overview

Director – Nick Cassavetes actors – Tim Ivey, Gena Rowlands, James Garner, Ryan Gosling, heath Wahlquist, Rachel McAdams Genre – Drama, romance Plot – After year apart, two star-crossed lovers meet and also discover lock still have actually feelings for each other.

The Notebook: SC Locations

The college of Charleston was offered as the backdrop because that the Allie"s (Rachel McAdams) college.Boone hall Plantation was provided for scenes of the Hamilton"s summer house.The residence that Noah would certainly rebuild in the movie is located at Martins allude Plantation, historically knows as Bears Bluff Plantation, ~ above Wadmalaw Island. The filmmakers had thought about finding a dilapidated house to movie which they can then renovate together the stare progressed. In the end, however, they cleared up on using a beautiful house they could make look run down because that the film"s earlier scenes.The lake scene through swans to be shot in ~ Cypress Gardens. The pets weren"t indigenous to the area, for this reason they were imported and also trained 1 month prior to the shoot therefore they would discover to monitor boats and appear on display as the director wanted. This all had actually to be done roughly the month of January so the filming could take location when the residents alligators were hibernating. Visitors to Cypress Gardens acquisition the walking tourism can quickly spot the location used in the film. The residence that served as candid Calhoun"s (Sam Shepard) house is located on the drive leading to the main home at Sunnyside Plantation top top Edisto Island.The nursing house scenes were shot in ~ Rice hope (Black River) Plantation. The house has long rumored to be a kit home ordered indigenous the Sears Roebuck firm but is not.Old village in mountain Pleasant listed the ar for the film"s fictional town of Seabrook, south Carolina.King Street in Charleston is where:– Noah and also Allie lie, the town hall the web traffic light (Katharine Lawrence shares that this light was brought in because that production and installed in front of the American Theatre as there is no traffic light in ~ this location).– The historic American Theatre is located. In the movie, this is wherein Allie and Noah clock a film.– The william Aiken house is located. It was used for the wedding dress fitting scene.– Allie and also Noah walk and talk because that 3 blocks. To reflect an previously time, contemporary parking meter were changed with period-style meters and also store fronts were altered with period-style indicators (this forced formal contracts in between the productions company and the store owners).The old navy base area in phibìc Charleston is where:– Production offices for the film were collection up.– The admiral"s residence was provided for several internal shots.– The inner of a desanctified chapel went v multiple set transformations to serve as the backdrop because that scenes the the USO run Hall, the infirmary, the military physical exam room, and also recruiting hall.The step in which noah looks through a restaurant home window and finds Allie dining through her fiancè to be shot in ~ High noodle in Charleston. Peter Pierce, a manager at the restaurant, played the maitre d" Allie philosophies as she walks right into the restaurant. (This details was added by Peter"s coworker, Jill Maynard.)

The Notebook: funny Quotes and Facts

"I love the truth that it was being shot in Charleston and Georgetown, since I love southern Carolina." – (Gena Rowlands)The novel is primarily set in the real city of new Bern, north Carolina, however when the filmmakers involved South Carolina for location scouting they made decision to do an ext than film here. They changed the movie"s main setup to the fictional location of Seabrook, south Carolina.Ryan Gosling all set for the function by living in Charleston because that a couple of months before filming. He invested his mornings rowing top top the Ashley River and his afternoons make furniture.Ryan Gosling to be not initially scripted come run into the door in a scene shot in ~ Boone Hall.

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The gate was supposed to be open, but the step looked so good that the director made decision to leaving it in the last print.The part of Rosemary is played by television and also film actress Sylvia Jeffries, who hails from SC.

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