If you like to work on your Ford F150 yourself using just the factory scissor jack, you know just how important a good floor jack really is. But with all the choices on the market, how do you know which one is best, including what size you need?
Based on my own personal experience, the best floor jack for an F150 has to be the Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Quick Rise aluminum floor jack (view on Amazon).Yes, this floor jack may be a bit more expensive than others on the market, but the high-quality features and construction make not just my favorite, but also that of home-based mechanics.

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1. My choice for the best overall F150 floor jack

Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Quick Rise (read Amazon reviews)

This isn’t a full-blown review of the product. There are enough of those on Amazon which you can read if you click the link above. However, here are a few pointers so you know what you’re getting.Price point: $260 to $315.Lightweight aircraft-grade Aluminum construction makes moving your jack less of a chore.2-piece handle for easier storage.Side-mounted handle for easier carrying.Reinforced lift arm for increased durability, control, and strength.Duel pump piston for the quick raising of your F150.Versatile lifting range of 3.75 to 18 inches.Bypass and overload valves to make sure you never exceed the safe working load and extension of the jack.3-ton capacity.56lbs I weight.

2. Best F150 floor jack on a budget

Daytona Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump (read Amazon reviews)

If the Arcan is a little out of your budget, there’s this cheaper choice. It is still good, but just not quite to the standard of the previous Arcan.Price point: $120 to $220.Comes in a heavy-duty or long reach version in case you have a lifted F150.Duel pump piston so you can quickly raise the truck.Rotating, removable saddle for use with accessories.Lift height of 5 to 18 ¼ inches for the heavy-duty, or 3 ¼ to 24 ¼ inches for the long reach.3-ton Capacity.74lbs in weight for the heavy-duty model, or 103lbs for the long reach.

3. Most flexible F150 floor jack

Performance Tool W1617 Yellow Steel Frame-Garage Service (read Amazon reviews)

For something that’s more multipurpose and you could switch between vehicles, check my third choice out.Price point: $203 to $254.Available in low-profile and heavy-duty models.Comes in different weight ranges from 1 ½-ton to 3 ½-ton.Wide lift ranges from 5 ½ to 21 ¼ inches, making it flexible enough for nearly any vehicle.Overload protection bypass so that you do not exceed the safe capacity of the jack.Extra-long frame construction for increased stability.Highly rated.94lbs steel body.

Which jack type you should use with an F150

There are many types of jacks on the market. Your Ford F150 even comes supplied with one from the factory. So, why would you need another one?Let’s look at the pros and cons of the different types of jacks so we can illustrate why a floor jack is better for your garage.

Scissor jack

The scissor jack is the jack that comes with your Ford F150 and uses good old-fashioned mechanical parts (and elbow grease). The scissor jack was designed to take up little space and to be used in an emergency.The attached tool turns a threaded rod that pulls the two hinged ends together, lifting the middle of the jack and the vehicle.ProsFolds up small and easy to store.Anyone can use them with just a little knowledge.Inexpensive (usually free).High maximum height, so it can raise tall or lifted vehicles.Available in many sizes to fit nearly any vehicle.No fluid levels to worry about.ConsNot able to fit under smaller vehicles.Not safe to use when raising more than one wheel at a time.A small base means it is less secure if the vehicle shifts.You need to be crouched close to the vehicle you’re raising to operate, which is less safe.Designed to lift only a corner of the vehicle to change a tire, so they don’t have a very limited lifting capacity.Designed to use designated lift points on the vehicle, limiting your options in tight spaces.

Bottle jack

Bottle jacks are hydraulic jacks named for their shape, which resemble old glass bottles. They are very compact and can be used for a variety of projects.ProsRelatively inexpensive.Very compact design for easy storage.Used for raising vehicles and as well as construction projects.Decent maximum height.Very easy to use.ConsVery Small lifting saddle that puts the weight of the vehicle in a much smaller area.Too tall for short vehicles.Too short for vehicles with a higher lift.Very small base, reducing the stability if the vehicle happens to shift.Very small design means you must be even closer to the vehicle while raising it.Only designed for raising one corner of the vehicle at a time.

Floor Jack

The floor jack is also a hydraulic jack, but with a wider, longer body and a longer handle with wheels for maneuvering it. Pumping the handle lifts an arm, which then raises the vehicle. Every mechanic owns at least one.ProsLonger arm gets you further from the vehicle while raising it, making it safer.Much more stable base, making it safer to use with a heavy Ford F150.Wider lifting saddle for more spread-out weight distribution.Wheels for easy movement.Quick and easy to raise a pickup truck.Quick and easy lowering brings the vehicle down in seconds.Great maximum height and some models are designed with even longer arms for taller trucks.Low profile models available.Accessories that can allow raising an entire side of an F150.Models available for very heavier truck configurations.ConsMuch heavier than other F150 floor jacks.Bulkier than other jacks, making it less than ideal for loading into your F150.Significantly more expensive than the other floor jacks.Not easy to use in tight spaces.Occasionally you will need to refill or replace the hydraulic fluid.

Which jack should you choose?

If you need something to carry in the trunk or under your seat for changing a spare tire, the scissor or bottle jack is the way to go. The bottle jack has more power, but less security than the scissor jack.For use in the garage or driveway, the floor jack is the way to go. It gives you much more stability without sacrificing power. You’ll spend more, but you’re not likely to regret it.

What size floor jack for a Ford F150?

The Arcan I recommended earlier is the right size floor jack for a Ford F150. For most F150 trucks, a 3 ton floor jack is best and should mean you work completely safely.

How do I jack up a Ford F150?

Safety should always be your number one concern. An improperly lifted vehicle can eject a jack at high speeds, drop and damage the vehicle, or, worse, fall on you and cause serious injuries or death.Always take these risks seriously, even if you are just going to “do something really quick.”Turn off the engine before using the jack.Engage the emergency brake.Chock the wheels. If you don’t have good wheel chocks, you can use a block of wood.Place your jack on one of the secure lift points on your Ford F150.Engage the jack until vehicle is at the correct height, always standing to the side of the jack.Once at the right height, put the jack stands in place under the safe lift points, keeping your hands out from between the jack stand and the vehicle.Slowly lower the vehicle until it rests on the jack stands and the weight is off the jack.Never rely on just a floor jack to hold a vehicle up while you are working on it.If you would like a great step by step video for the Ford F150, you can check out the video below.

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For the at-home mechanic or tinkerer, the best floor jack for your Ford F150 is the Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack. It holds all the weight you’ll need in a safe, secure way.If you’re on a tighter budget, you can’t go wrong with the Daytona 3-ton Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump.If you’re looking for a flexible floor jack suited for varying heights, the Performance Tool W1617 Yellow Steel Frame-Garage Service 3-Ton floor jack is a great addition to your garage.