Grasshopper is one invertebrate animal. That belongs come the phylum Arthropoda and class Insecta. The characteristics of grasshopper space like various other insects.

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Grasshopper is an invertebrate animal. That belongs to the phylum Arthropoda and class Insecta. The attributes of grasshopper room like other insects. Grasshopper lives everywhere the people in grassland and leafy vegetation. They feed on grass and leaf. Some kinds that grasshoppers are well-known as locusts.

Classification of Grasshopper:







Species:S. Gregaria

External Features:

1.Grasshopper"s human body is narrow, elongated, tubular and also somewhat compressed laterally. That is around 8 cm in length.

2.Its human body is yellowish gray that enables them to resemble the atmosphere in which castle live.

3.Entire human body is spanned by a hard cuticle or integument, cuticle is separated into a definite variety of segments.

4.The human body of Grasshopper is split into head, thorax and abdomen.


A. Head:The head is huge and somewhat triangular. Over there is a pair the largecompound eyes and a pair that antenna on the head. At the anterior finish of head over there is a mouth opening. Neighboring the mouth opened there are some mouth appendages.

B. Thorax:There room three pairs of segmented foot on the ventral side and also twopairs of elongated wing on the dorsal side. The fore wings space a little bit thicker and the hind wing are wide and membranous.

C. Abdomen :Abdomen the grasshopper is elongated and gradually narrowertowards the posterior end. The posterior finish of abdomen bear a pair that out expansion known as anal circi. ~ above the two sides of human body eight bag of respiratory tract openings referred to as spiracles space present.

Digestive device of Grasshopper:As grasshopper is one invertebrateanimal the is dissected native the dorsal side. The cradle system consists of:

1.Alimentary Canal 2.Salivary glands.


1. Alimentary Canal:The Alimentary Canal or gut is separated into 3 mainregions, namely.

a. Fore Gut:There are four parts that fore gut, e.g.

i.Mouth Opening:At the anterior end of fore gut there is a mouth openingthrough which food enters. Around the mouth opening, there room mouth appendages.

ii.Pharynx:It is smaller sized in size and located simply behind the mouth opening.

iii.Oesophagus:First component of oesophagus is narrow and also the hind portion beingexpanded to kind sac-like structure well-known as crop. Below the food is partially digested and stored.

iv.Gizzard:Posterior to the crop, is gizzard. That is special walled, muscular andmore or much less cone shaped. Gizzard grinds and also crushes the food.

b. Mid Gut or Mesenteron:The next part behind the gizzard is mid gut orstomach. That is large wide sac where food is digested. At the junction that gizzard and also stomach a number of gastric caeca space present. This caeca open into the mid gut and also secrete enzymes.

c. Hind Gut:The hind portion of the gut is recognized as hind gut. It has actually tworegion, e.g.

i. Ileum or small Intestine:It is tubular portion. Absorb of digested foodoccurs here.

ii. Big Intestine:Next come ileum, that is huge intestine consists of a tubularcolon and sac-like rectum. At the end of rectum lies the anal opening. In rectum undigested food is stored together faeces i beg your pardon come out through anus.

2. Salient Glands:Closely associated with the oesophagus and crop, over there area pair of little branched outstanding glands i beg your pardon secrete saliva and also open come the buccal cavity.

Methods of Dissection:

1.Taking the grasshopper top top the dissection tray, head and also the last finish of abdomen are to be stuck with pins.

2.The dorsal side needs to be maintained upward.

3.It is to it is in dissected along the dorsal mid line v scissors or sharp blade from ago to the front.

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4.Then the digestive mechanism is to be observed carefully with the aid of a forceps.