(a lily) is claimed to have received its name from the abundance of the lily (shushan or shushanah) in that is neighborhood. That was initially the capital of the nation called in bible Elam, and by the classic writers Susis or Susiana. In the time of Daniel Susa was in the possession the the Babylonians, to whom Elam had probably passed in ~ the division of the Assyrian empire made by Cyaxares and also Nabopolassar (Daniel 8:2). The occupation of Babylon by Cyrus moved Susa come the Persian dominion; and it was no long before the Achaemenian princes determined to do it the resources of their whole empire and the chief ar of their own residence. Follow to some authors the adjust was make by Cyrus; according to others it had at any kind of rate take away place prior to the fatality of Cambyses; but, follow to the proof of the place itself and of the other Achaemenian monuments, it would seem many probable that the deliver was really the work-related of Darius Hystaspes. Nehemiah resided below (Nehemiah 1:1). Shushan was positioned on the Ulai or Choaspes. It is identified with the modern Sus or Shush, its ruins are around three mile in circumference (Here have actually been found the remains of the an excellent palace develop by Darius, the dad of Xerxes, in which and the surrounding buildings took place the scenes tape-recorded in the life that Esther. The great main hall was 343 feet long by 244 feet wide. The king's gate, claims Schaff, whereby Mordecai sat, "was more than likely a room 100 feet square, 150 feet indigenous the northern portico. In between these 2 was probably the inside court, whereby Esther appeared before the king."-ED.)

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