“An Episode of War” is a beautiful piece written by Stephen Crane. The novel shows the dark side of the war and those soldiers who get hurt during war. Apparently war and war heroes are glorified and tall tales are told but the bitter truth is that war brings nothing but agony, pain, misery and isolation.

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In short the "Tragedy of War" is the main message of the novel conveyed through the injured lieutenant!

The main message of the story "An Episode of War" is that people are victims of circumstances. In this story, the lieutenant did everything "right." He enlisted, fought bravely and was admired by everyone. However, he was injured. Although this is not his fault, and it is a great tragedy for him, this injury causes him to lose all the respect and "glory" he had earlier. This shows how tragic and devastating war is on everyone who is impacted by it.

B. People have little control over what happens to them.


In this story, a young lieutenant got shot in his arms while separating the morning coffee for the men.

He made his way back to get medical attention. The surgeon promised not to amputate his arms which was the only thing that should keep him calm.

But the surgeon still amputated his arm and when he got to his family, they wept at the sight of a flat sleeve.

These are some of the tragedies caused by war.

The lieutenant had little/no control over the bullet that hit him on his arm and amputation of his arm by the surgeon.

In life, we have little control over certain things that befall us on a daily basis.

"An Episode of War", a short story was written by Stephen Crane.

In "An Episode of War," we meet a lieutenant who loses his arm during the war. Before his injury, the lieutenant is admired and valued by everyone around him. However, after he is injured, everyone feels contempt and disrespect for him.

The main message that the story conveys is that war, although often celebrated and glorified by people, can in fact be gruesome and cruel. Moreover, the story demonstrates how the war can deeply affect and scar the people involved in it.

The message is that people are victims of circumstances. In "An Episode of War" by Stephen Crane, the characters are unable to exercise freedom of the will. No one can direct their own destiny (all is driven by some unpredictable fate). The only apparent certainty being the existence of human suffering.

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A lieutenant gets injured in battle and refuses help (something he wasn"t controlling). When doctors promise not to amputate his arm and he agrees. Then they do amputate his arm (something he clearly objected to) and his family becomes grief stricken over his missing arm.