Velocity/ speed: The price of adjust of displacement/distanceof a human body is called the velocity/speedof that body.Velocityis avector quantitythat has actually both magnitudes as well as direction.Acceleration: The rate of change of velocity is called theacceleration that the body.Accelerationis likewise avector quantity.Theslopeof any kind of velocity-timegraph provides an accelerationof the body.Displacement: The minimum route length between two clues is called displacement.Distance: The full path length in between two clues is referred to as distance.

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From the over explanation, we deserve to see that,

Acceleration is the rate of adjust of velocityIn other words, it is the ratio of change in velocity and also time takenIt has SI units of m/s2and is also the derivative the velocity

Additional Information

DisplacementThe shortest distance between two points
SpeedDistance took trip per unit time
JerkRate of readjust of acceleration

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