Our candidate"s plan has a different emphasis. a prep institution with a long-established emphasis on sporting activities

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Recent examples on the internet Hill referred to as for an emphasis on situation intervention and training for police and far better cooperation. — al, 18 Aug. 2021 That science puts the emphasis on vaccines for world who space eligible. — Kate Mabus, USA Today, 14 Aug. 2021 Schools neighborhood to the D-FW area space bolded for emphasis. — Dallas News, 21 Sep. 2021 This point out a first for full-size trucks, putting an ext emphasis on the taillights and the two-piece tailgate with its rear spoiler. — karl Brauer, Forbes, 19 Sep. 2021 created from the perspective of a house, Erin place an emphasis on the meaning of home. — Chaise Sanders, Country Living, 19 Sep. 2021 Hyatt is putting details emphasis on the hotel general manager position. — Claire Hastwell, Fortune, 16 Sep. 2021 This put an emphasis on the receiver playing with more physicality. — Jeff Miller, Los Angeles Times, 15 Sep. 2021 only then walk Connelly’s team gain to building, placing an emphasis on green materials. — BostonGlobe.com, 5 Sep. 2021

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History and also Etymology for emphasis

borrowed from Latin, "use that language to imply more than is actually said, implication" (Late Latin additionally "appearance," medieval Latin "prominence the expression, stress"), borrowed from Greek émphasis "appearance in a smooth surface, reflection, external appearance, setup forth, exposition, significance, force of expression," native empha-, stem in noun derivation of emphaínein "to exhibit, display, indicate," emphaínesthai "to it is in reflected, come to be visible" (from em- en- entry 2 + phaínein "to carry to light, cause to appear," and also phaínesthai "to end up being visible, appear") + -sis -sis — more at fantasy entrance 1, phase entry 1

Note: Greek pha- can be a stem in nominal source of both phaínein and the verb phēmí, phánai "to speak, say," so that prefixed words created with it may have actually senses relating to both appearance and to decided or language, together is the instance with émphasis. for the basic relation in between the two verbs watch the note at half entry 1.