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Find the coordinates for D if E is the midpoint of CD for C( -3,4) and E ( 0,1) 0 votes

E is the midpoint of CD and find the coordinates of D

distance-between-pointsmid-pointaskedNov 21, 2013in GEOMETRYby skylarApprentice

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Let coordinates of D = (x,y)

Midpoint of CD = (0, 1)

(0, 1) = <(x-3)/2, (y+4)/2>

(x-3)/2 = 0 and (y+4)/2 = 1

x-3 = 0 y+4 = 2

x =0+3 y = 2-4

x = 3 y = -2

Coordinates of D = (3,-2)

C(-3,4) D(3,-2)

Distance between CD =√((3+3)^2+(-2-3)^2)

CD =√(36+25)


Coordinates of D = (3,-2) and distance between CD = √61

answeredNov 22, 2013by williamMentor Please log in or register to add a comment. Related questionsFind the coordinates for D if E is the midpoint of CD for C( -3,4) and E ( 0,1)askedMar 3, 2014in GEOMETRYby rockstarApprenticemid-point-of-a-linedistance-between-points Which of the following is the function C(d) if C^-1 (e) = 10e + 3?askedOct 1, 2014in ALGEBRA 2by anonymousdistance-between-pointsmid-point-of-a-linemid-point#polynomial-function#quadratic-functions how to solve a(1,4) b(5,5) c(2,2) and d(-5,1) E(-1,0) f(-4,3) using distance formulaaskedNov 28, 2013in GEOMETRYby johnkellyApprenticedistance-between-points If M is the midpoint of segment AB, find the coodinates of B; given that A = (-8,9) and M= (-6,6).askedNov 21, 2013in GEOMETRYby johnkellyApprenticedistance-between-pointsmid-pointperpendicular-line what is the midpoint of the segment between (-2 1/2, 5 3/4) and (8 1/4, -3 1/8)askedDec 9, 2013in ALGEBRA 1by chrisgirlApprenticemid-pointdistance-between-points find the distance between each of points and find the midpointaskedNov 21, 2013in GEOMETRYby dkinzApprenticedistance-between-pointsmid-point midpoint of xy is m(-2,-4). one endpoint is (0,-6) find the coordinates of the other endpointaskedFeb 11, 2014in GEOMETRYby abstain12Apprenticemid-point find the coordinates of T given that S is the midpoint of RT,R(-4,2) and S(6,8)askedNov 21, 2013in GEOMETRYby harvy0496Apprenticemid-point find the distance between points (14,-22) (21,-17). find the midpoint segment that joinsaskedNov 21, 2013in GEOMETRYby angel12Scholardistance-between-pointsmid-pointdistance-formula distance and midpoint between pointsaskedNov 4, 2013in GEOMETRYby rockstarApprenticegeometrydistance-between-pointsmid-point find the midpoint of a segment that has endpoints (3,8) and (-1,0)askedNov 21, 2013in GEOMETRYby futaiScholarmid-point Find the midpoint and the distance between the points (6,-8) and (14,7).askedMar 14, 2014in ALGEBRA 1by andrewScholardistance-between-pointsmid-point the midpoint of AB is M(9,7) One endpoint is A(3,9) Find coordinates of endpoint BaskedMar 5, 2014in GEOMETRYby mathgirlApprenticemid-pointmid-point-of-a-line Find the coordinates of the midpoint of AB. A(12, -7) and B(-4, 7).askedFeb 24, 2014in GEOMETRYby abstain12Apprenticemid-pointdistance-between-two-pointsmid-point-of-a-line Given points A (2,4), B(-1,3), C(0,-2). FInd the perimeter of triangle ABC?askedNov 28, 2013in GEOMETRYby andrewScholardistance-between-points The coordinates of the midpoint of GH are M(8, 0) and the coordinates of one endpoint are H(−2, 9)askedDec 14, 2017in GEOMETRYby anonymousmid-pointend-pointmid-point-of-a-linedistance-between-two-points 1) Find the distance and midpoint for the points (4, 7) and ( 2, -3).askedAug 21, 2014in PRECALCULUSby anonymousmid-point If x is the midpoint of -32 and 19, find x.askedOct 2, 2018in GEOMETRYby anonymousmid-point Find the distance for JK if J(-3, -4) and K(-7, 5).askedNov 21, 2013in GEOMETRYby mathgirlApprenticedistance-between-points Find the midpoint of the segment with the given endpoints. D(1, 2) and E(–3, 6)askedDec 9, 2013in GEOMETRYby angel12Scholarmid-point-of-a-line