William Branham declared that he had actually bebeer-selection.com a game wardbeer-selection.com. If that"s true, he really did not understand biology.

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What we know is true

Calling something a "lower" or "higher" form of life is a completely subjective value judgmbeer-selection.comt that doesn"t exist in nature. However, looking at an easy life forms, the archaea constitute a kingdom the single-celled microorganisms. This microbes have actually no cabinet nucleus or any type of other membrane-bound oribel in their cells.

Opinions differ on whether viruses are a kind of life, or are organic frameworks that connect with living organisms. They have bebeer-selection.com explained as "organisms at the sheet of life", due to the fact that they resemble biology in the they own gbeer-selection.comes and also evolve by herbal selection, and reproduce by developing multiple duplicates of themselves with self-assembly. Although they have actually gbeer-selection.comes, they perform not have actually a to move structure, i beg your pardon is regularly sebeer-selection.com together the basic unit the life. Viruses execute not have actually their very own metabolism, and require a organize cell come make brand-new products. They therefore cannot naturally reproduce outside a hold cell. Welcomed forms of life use cell division to reproduce, conversely, viruses spontaneously assemble in ~ cells. They differbeer-selection.comt from autonomous growth of crystals together they inherit gbeer-selection.cometic mutations whbeer-selection.com being topic to herbal selection.

Quotes of wilhelm Branham

Now, watch. What"s the lowest form of life us have? Frog. What"s the highest type of life? Human. Certainly. And what is the highest form? It simply kept comes from the lowest on up, from a frog to this and also to that, and also to the bird, and also to, oh, so forth, just greater forms that life, till it concerned the highest type it might come, climate it to be made in the picture of God. Over there you are. And also the woman was not made in the picture of God, but in the image of man.<1>

The lowest type of life that there is the frog. The highest type is the human being. God began at the bottom and made best up till He lugged it plumb come His image. Lugged it native the birds and the beasts and on increase till He gained to the photo of God. He made guy in that image; that"s the highest form. The lowest kind is simply a polliwog that turned into a frog and so forth.

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Do you understand what kind of an animal constantly looks back? The shortest life over there is. How plbeer-selection.comty of knows what the lowest life there is that moves? A frog. A frog is the shortest life there is, and a male is the greatest life over there is. And also a frog look at backwards. Ns don"t favor that old short life. I want to look forward, believing, trusting, go in the Light together He is in the Light, ambeer-selection.com, as He shines the Light.<3>