What is the longest (based top top their depiction in romaji) word in beer-selection.com? room there any type of longer than リュウグウノオトヒメノモトユイノキリハズシ? If it depends on criteria for a word, then perform them by your criteria.

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Background: I"m wanting to usage a lengthy word because that a JRuby an insect report, and also I think the floccinaucinihilipilification is pretty worthless. Wikipedia"s post on Longest native (by language) is right now lacking an entry because that beer-selection.com.


One can constantly recursively create infinitely long beer-selection.com verb by difficult on agglutinative markers:




Obviously they don"t typical anything useful but since phrases prefer he is walk to walk to walk to go to walk or it is not not no not not not poor is one native in Japan word length is theoretically unbounded.



note that he is going come going come going to going come going to walk is ungrammatical in English. (I'm not qualified to do grammaticality judgements around the beer-selection.com, but 〜られられられる look at questionable... I wonder if anyone else has an opinion around the beer-selection.com constructions in your answer.)
I know the difference between syntax and semantics. It's syntactically invalid since of the 2nd going. Compare *I am going come walking to the store, which is likewise ungrammatical. The sentence is already finite (tensed) v the an initial verb, therefore the 2nd needs to be a to-infinitive. Your sentence need to read he is walking to go to go to walk to walk to walk to go.
Well, I uncovered the adhering to question which contains some pretty lengthy words/names:

タウマタファカタンギハンガコアウアウオタマテアポカイフェヌアキタナタフ 愛知県海部郡飛島村大字飛島新田字竹之郷ヨタレ南ノ割 ランヴァイル・プルグウィンギル・ゴゲリフウィルンドロブル・ランティシリオゴゴゴホ

And a site with some more (though it"s based on kanji):Long 1-kanji words

sorry for not linking, not enough rep...

According come the connect you offered リュウグウノオトヒメノモトユイノキリハズシ is a name of a sea weed, endangered of an ext then one word, so i guess some of the stuff below pass...

Edit: The beer-selection.com wiki web page for really lengthy words have actually some much more really lengthy words prefer 英国国教会の廃止に反対する主義. It"s one indigenous in English ("antidisestablishmentarian-ism"), however I"m not sure it can be considered as such in beer-selection.com.

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My friend, as soon as teaching beer-selection.com in English, discovered out about a long verb, "arawaresasewaremashta" in an old book. It method "the flow spontaneously appeared", but I"m not sure if the is still used.

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One the the cast name that the timeless beer-selection.com comedy 落語:


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