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I desire to host a competition where my girlfriend go and collect materials to do a block. In stimulate to do it much more difficult, I want to make them acquire it.

Except because that command blocks, framework voids and all various other unobtainable blocks, i m sorry block is the hardest block come obtain?

For example: an Emerald ore block is tough to get, as Emerald ores are rare.



If you take into consideration using glitches, the recently obtained Bedrock in Java execution is the most complicated to acquire actually derived block. A viable theory around how to acquire spawners, finish portal frames and also such has been arisen but nobody has been successful in constructing the important contraption in survive so far.

Netherite block, when requiring fairly a bit of effort, isn"t actually an overwhelming at all - ~ you"ve lower to y=8 in the Nether, simple caution versus lava and also patience through digging will acquire you the forced 36 ancient Debris, and also transforming them right into Netherite at that suggest is trivial. Comparing the amount of time and effort in a new world, I"d speak Mycelium is more rare and also sponges are much more dangerous and difficult to obtain. Also stupid Conduit in 1.16 after ~ the fishing farm nerf acquired sufficiently difficult it tops nate in difficulty.

Dragon head, if counting effort and an obstacle "from begin to finish" would certainly be the optimal block, however it usually "happens in the process" - it isn"t a score by itself, the just appears near other, an ext desirable endgame goals. Another hard-to-obtain block is a creeper head - killing a creeper with explosion of a charged creeper needs plenty of initiative if friend don"t already have a channeling trident.

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The Beacon is probably most challenging though. First, you have to kill an obscene lot of wither skeletons - on average 54 if you have a Looting 3 sword, or 120 without. This done in a Nether Fortress which is fairly challenging. It have the right to be automated but structure a farm yard by chin is quite a little of a challenge. Then you should construct a Wither and also kill it. It"s possible to "cheese" this fight but it"s probably more complicated than the Ender Dragon hit if excellent "legit".