Difference between Puritans and also Quakers

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Certain denominations of faith like Catholic, Baptist and protestant are very common today. However, there are various other unpopular faiths that helped pave method to spiritual freedom by leaving their countries in find of that freedom.

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Two spiritual groups of belief that substantially played a role in the fight for spiritual freedom are the Puritans and the Quakers.

These two spiritual groups challenged prosecution in England and also sought spiritual freedom in the American colonies. They disliked the rituals and also hierarchical methods of the England churches.

They emphasized on simplicity in lifestyle and also worship. However, these 2 had significant differences in their beliefs.

Who room Puritans?

In the year 1630, the Puritans worked out in Massacheusetts only in Boston, with the target of achieving spiritual freedom. This was after the come of the pilgrims in America, who had the exact same goal in mind.

Puritans decided this name due to the fact that their main objective was to have a pure religion. Similar to the pilgrims, they did not see eye to eye through the Church the England yet they did no detach themselves from the key church.

In 1630, the puritans acquired a leader by the name john Winthrop. John carried over 1,000 other Puritans come the colony Massachusetts Bay and also they traveled in an ext than 15 ships. Winthrop was the leader that that swarm until 1650.

Puritans thought that anyone should have the ability to research the Bible. It was compulsory for all parents to teach every their youngsters how come read. For every town with 50 households or more, a institution was built. These schools remained open up all year long and also there was not even a summer vacation. Because of their focus on education, the Puritans developed the an initial institution in the England. They space the world that developed the elite university of Harvard in the year 1963.


Who space Quakers?

In the year 1681, William pen was granted permission to begin a colony by the English king. He to be a member the the Quakers which was a well-known spiritual group the was gift mistreated in England as result of their beliefs. They thought that everyone is equal and every human being is good. Castle did no encourage any kind of violence and they also refused to bring weapons or also engage in fights through anyone. They thought that every problem can and also should be resolved peacefully. They were well-known as “The friends” because of their love because that peace.

When in Pennsylvania, Quakers practiced religious freedom because that everyone. Civilization were totally free to think what they wanted and also talk to God in their own way. Human being from almost everywhere Europe poured into their areas in find for spiritual freedom. They thought that faith is no the words from one’s mouth but it is their action.

To a Quaker, to be religious, her actions had actually to show it. They treated people with honesty, they aided the poor, they functioned for and upheld women civil liberties and also they fought for the civil liberties of the aboriginal Americans. They no fight physically yet they protested, boycotted and politely mentioned their grievances.


Differences in between Puritans and also Quakers


Puritans viewed humanity as being hopelessly sinful when Quakers believed that God resides inside everybody.


Puritans thought that most civilization were destined because that eternal damnation while some were favored by God for salvation. The chosen couple of went v a process of conversion by testifying and also exercising divine behavior.

Quakers thought in “inner light” that allowed a human being to view humankind in the many positive way.

Church Beliefs

Puritans had actually a strong belief in baptism and also Holy Communion when Quakers did no put emphasis to any kind of sacrament due to the fact that they thought that every acts are sacred if they are committed to God.

Church Services

Puritans had long solutions in i m sorry a minister would define sections of the Bible and also pointing out sins that those present.

Quakers held meetings instead of church services. They had actually no clergy and they called their meeting location ‘the conference house.’

Church Roles

Puritans had actually a rigid device where only men were allowed to poll for church leaders and anyone want to leaving the Puritan neighborhood had to be granted permission through the regional church or risk shedding all their property.

On the various other hand, Quakers had much more religious freedom. That was among the pioneer spiritual groups that allowed women come participate as well as hold leadership seats in church.

Bible Functions

Puritans provided the Bible and their religious beliefs to establish the rules of law while Quakers provided the holy bible as a publication of reference and also guidance.


Puritans held classic beliefs around the roles that males play and also the functions that females play. No woman was enabled to it is in a minister. Only the guys were permitted to accounting the seat of church leaders. However, Quakers thought in equality.

Religious Discrimination

Puritans discriminated indigenous Americans when Quakers sustained the aboriginal Americans by structure for them plenty of schools and permitting them to have leadership positions.

Puritans vs. Quakers: comparison table to illustrate the difference between Puritans and Quakers


Summary the Puritans vs. Quakers

Puritans and Quakers assisted pave way to spiritual freedom by comes to America trying to find that freedom.

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Both religions believed in God and they both had actually the hope to create a culture that would purify the Christian religion.