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Which 2 components are configured using software in order for a COMPUTER to take part in a network-related environment? (Choose 2.)

MAC addressIP addresskernelshellsubnet mask

What is the correct order for PDU encapsulation?

To revert to a previous configuration, an administrator concerns the command also copy tftp startup-config on a router and also enters the hold deal with and file name once prompted. After the command is completed, why does the current configuration remain unchanged?

The command need to have actually been copy startup-config tftp.The configuration have to have actually been duplicated to the running configuration instead. The configuration changes were copied into RAM and also call for a reboot to take effect.A TFTP server can just be provided to gain back the Cisco IOS, not the router configuration.

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A little auto dealership has a scanner that is attached to the PC of the sales manager. When salesguys must sdeserve to a paper, they location the document in the scanner and usage their very own Computers to control the scanner with software on the COMPUTER of the manager. After the record is scanned, they can affix it to an e-mail or upfill it into the sales software program. What kind of network version does this scenario describe?


In a peer-to-peer network, two or even more computers are linked through a network and also deserve to share resources (in this instance a scanner and files) without having actually a dedicated server. Every connected finish gadget (known as a peer) have the right to attribute as both a server and a customer. Peer-to-peer netfunctions decentralize the resources on a netoccupational. Instead of being stored on dedicated servers, data to be common have the right to be situated on any connected device.

Which media access method calls for that an finish gadget send a notification throughout the media before sending data?

CSMA/CA​CSMA/CD​deterministictoken passing

Using CSMA/CA as the media accessibility manage technique, a machine will certainly study the network-related media. If there is no carrier, the gadget sends out a notice and also, if no various other tool provides the media, it starts to sfinish its information. This approach differs from CSMA/CD, wbelow a machine will send data once it senses that the media is free, without sfinishing a notification.

Refer to the exhilittle. PC1 is configured to achieve a dynamic IP resolve from the DHCP server. PC1 has actually been shut dvery own for 2 weeks. When PC1 boots and also tries to research an obtainable IP attend to, which destination IP deal with will certainly PC1 location in the IP header?

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When a hold boots and also has actually been configured for dynamic IP addressing, the tool tries to acquire a valid IP attend to. It sends a DHCPDISCOVER message. This is a broadactors message because the DHCP server attend to is unknown (by design). The destination IP deal with in the IP header is and also the destination MAC resolve is FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF.

Which statement is true around IPv6 addresses?

Global uniactors addresses are globally distinct and also deserve to be routed via the Internet.Link-neighborhood addresses should be distinct.A loopback address is stood for by ::/128.​Unique regional addresses are used to interact via various other devices on the same connect.

Link-neighborhood addresses have actually relevance only on the neighborhood link. Routers will not forward packets that have actually link-regional addresses as either the source or location address.The IPv6 loopearlier resolve is ::1/128.Unique regional addresses are similar to IPv4 exclusive addresses. Tright here is no broadactors deal with in the IPv6 protocol.

Refer to the exhilittle. Which IP addressing plan have to be changed?

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Site 1Site 2Site 3Site 4

Site 2 need to have designed the network for the 70 hosts. Then the netoccupational might be offered for the 40 hosts, and also the network could be provided for the 15 hosts. The various other sites are all valid including Site 4 where the bottom of the addressing selection was offered for the biggest number of hosts.

What is the most reliable method to reduce worm and also virus attacks?

Secure all Layer 2 tools.Encertain that individuals change their passwords frequently.Deploy packet filtering firewall surfaces at the network-related edge.Install protection updates to patch fragile devices. 

Installing the most current protection updays from the operating device merchant on all breakable units is the most efficient method to reduce a worm and also virus strikes.

A certain website does not show up to be responding on a Windows 7 computer. What command also might the technician use to display any cached DNS entries for this web page?

ipconfig /allarp -aipconfig /displaydns nslookup

Refer to the exhilittle bit. A netoccupational administrator is configuring access regulate to switch SW1. If the administrator offers Telnet to attach to the switch, which password is necessary to accessibility user EXEC mode?

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Telnet accesses a netoccupational gadget through the digital interconfront configured with the line VTY command. The password configured under this is forced to access the user EXEC mode. The password configured under the line console 0 command is forced to get entry with the console port, and the permit and enable trick passwords are used to enable enattempt right into the privileged EXEC mode.

In perdeveloping a protocol analysis of a netjob-related, once must web traffic be recorded to encertain the many specific representation of the various website traffic forms on the network?

during software program upgradesin the time of times of moderate network usein the time of hrs of peak netoccupational usage throughout weekends and holidays when netjob-related use is light

To capture traffic that accurately represents all protocols that are running on a network, protocol analysis should take location in the time of times of peak netoccupational usage.

Refer to the exhibit. A TCP segment from a server has actually been captured by Wireshark, which is running on a organize. What acknowledgement number will the host rerevolve for the TCP segment that has actually been received?

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Due to the fact that the beginning sequence number is 1, and the size of the segment is 305 bytes, the receiving host should rerevolve an acknowledgement via an ACK of 306.

Refer to the exhibit. What is the link-neighborhood IPv6 resolve of the local computer system presented based on the output of the netstat -r command?

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::1/1282001::/322001:db8:9d38:953c:1c53:2271:9c9a:c62c/128fe80::/64 fe80::13e:4586:5807:95f7/128

IPv6 interfaces commonly have two addresses assigned: a link-regional address and also a worldwide unicast deal with. Addresses for a link-regional attend to have the right to have hexadecimal numbers in the first hextet ranging from FE80 to FEBF. Global unicast numbers must have the first 3 bits be 001 in the first hextet. The IPv6 addresses that begin via 2001 are examples of international uniactors addresses.

A network-related administrator is checking the device logs and notices unexplained connectivity tests to multiple well-known ports on a server. What kind of potential network assault can this indicate?

accessreconnaissance denial of serviceindevelopment theft

A reconnaissance strike is the unauthorized discovery and also mapping of systems, solutions, or vulnerabilities. One of the most prevalent reconnaissance attacks is performed by making use of utilities that instantly discover hosts on the networks and also recognize which ports are currently listening for connections.

Which technology provides a solution to IPv4 address depletion by permitting multiple gadgets to share one public IP address?


Network Address Translation (NAT) is an innovation enforced within IPv4 netfunctions. One application of NAT is to use a few public IP addresses to be mutual by many type of inner network hosts which usage private IP addresses. NAT removes the need for public addresses for eexceptionally interior host. It therefore provides a solution to sluggish down the IPv4 deal with depletion.

What happens once part of an Web tv transmission is not yielded to the destination?

A shipment faitempt message is sent to the source hold.The part of the tv transmission that was shed is re-sent out.The entire transmission is re-sent out.The transmission continues without the missing percentage.

The RFC 1918-compliant exclusive addresses are:Class A: to B: to C: to

A organize is accessing an FTP server on a remote netoccupational. Which three functions are percreated by intermediary netoccupational devices during this conversation? (Choose 3.)

regenerating information signals acting as a customer or a serverproviding a channel over which messperiods travelapplying defense settings to manage the flow of data notifying other tools as soon as errors occurserving as the source or location of the messages

Intermediary devices administer management of data transmission by keeping track of data pathmethods, finding alternate pathmeans once failures happen and also notifying other devices, and also using defense and also priority plans. As they get data signals, intermediary gadgets “clean” and retransmit them. Intermediary tools execute not produce data signals, however quite they utilize network-related media to interaffix end users.

Which IP resolve is a valid netoccupational address?

The network-related resolve for the device that has actually the IP resolve of is The initially valid hold resolve is; the last valid hold address is The IP attend to of is a network address. Both and also are broadcast addresses.

What is the selection of organize IP addresses for the subnet – – – – –

The IPv6 address room reserves the last 64 bits for the interface ID. Because of this, a presolve of /52 will have actually 12 bits remaining for subnetting if essential. 12 bits will certainly yield 4096 subnets.

Open the PT Activity. Perform the work in the activity instructions and also then answer the question.

What is the secret keyword that is displayed on the internet page?


Open the PT Activity. Percreate the jobs in the task instructions and then answer the question.

Which IPv6 address is assigned to the Serial0/0/0 interchallenge on RT2?

2001:db8:abc:1::12001:db8:abc:5::1 2001:db8:abc:5::22001:db8:abc:10::15

The outcome of the tracert command also is as follows:

1 11 ms 0 ms 0 ms 2001:db8:abc:1::12 4 ms 0 ms 1 ms 2001:db8:abc:5::13 11 ms 14 ms 2 ms 2001:db8:abc:10::15

It crosses 2 routers, so the second line is the IP address for the RT2 serial interface0/0/0.

Which statement explains a route that has actually been learned dynamically?

It is automatically updated and also maintained by routing protocols. It is unimpacted by changes in the topology of the network.It has actually an governmental distance of 1.It is established by the preresolve C in the routing table.

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What is the objective of a routing protocol?

It is offered to build and also keep ARP tables.It provides an approach for segmenting and also reassembling data packets.It permits an administrator to devise an addressing plan for the network-related.It enables a rexternal to share information around known netfunctions via other routers. It offers a procedure for encoding and decoding information right into bits for packet forwarding.

Refer to the exhilittle. What will certainly the rexternal do through a packet that has a destination IP address of