FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Welcome come Gillette Stadium, where the Patriots will host the Arizona Cardinals in their residence opener on Sunday (1 p.m. EST; Fox).

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Perfect soccer weather. not a cloud sits in the sky above Gillette Stadium, where the present temperature is 59 levels with 65 percent humidity and also winds that just 4 miles every hour (dew allude of 47 degrees, follow to Weather doesn"t figure to be an concern at all in today"s contest, v an estimated game-time temperature the 67 degrees. Winds aren"t intended to choose up substantially, and there"s no rain in the forecast, so call it a perfect day for football.

A feel for Gillette. The FieldTurf has actually been fresh painted, v the classic "Flying Elvis" logo design centering the field. Additionally, viewers will an alert a "Back to Football" rubber stamp on either side of the ar spanning between the 25-30 garden lines. That logo will be seen league-wide on all fields as component of the NFL"s "welcome earlier to football" campaign. The Gillette Stadium logo -- a grey lighthouse v fireworks streaming indigenous its peak -- is painted ~ above either next of the ar on the 50-yard line. Together always, a sellout group is supposed at today"s video game (the Patriots have sold the end every game at this stadium).

National anthem. Francis T. Rogers of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Tangelwood will certainly sing today"s national Anthem.

Color Guard. The 104th Fighter soup based the end of the Barnes Air pressure National Guard base in Westfield, Mass., will current the national colors. Players to be anticipating a flyover prior to today"s contest, through receiver Brandon Lloyd joking the players liked the idea of seeing a "double flyover" -- one last week in Tennessee because that the Titans" residence opener, and also one today at Gillette.

Brown honored on take care cover. former Patriots receiver troy Brown, who was officially inducted into the team"s room of call on Saturday, graces the cover of the official GameDay magazine. Brown played 15 seasons for the Patriots (1993-2007), and set the franchise note for receptions through 553. Wes Welker tied that note last Sunday in Tennessee, and has an chance to surprass Brown this afternoon. Welker has expressed an excellent reverence because that Brown and also what he intended to his career throughout the week.

Home field benefit for Patriots. The Patriots open up their consistent season home slate in ~ Gillete stadion today, a ar where they finished 7-1 in 2011 and also have totaled a 15-1 note over the previous two seasons. Because opening in 2002, the Patriots have chalked up a 67-13 document at Gillette Stadium, and also have winner each of your 10 house season openers (link here). Additionally, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is 35-1 in his last 36 starts at Gillette Stadium.

Waiting ~ above inactives. us won"t receive official word top top player inactives until around 90 minutes before kickoff, and no player from one of two people team has yet to be ruled out for the contest. The expectation is that Cardinals quarterback man Skelton (ankle) won"t fit up, and also the Patriots have actually seven players detailed as questionable, headlined by security Dan Connolly (head).

Scott in stripes. David Scott has been tabbed together the referee for this week"s contest. He"ll command a crew of instead of officials, together the league and the NFL referee"s association stay at a standstill in labor negotiations. Scott"s crew, through the exception of field judge George Trout, operated last week"s Redskins-Saints video game in brand-new Orleans. A complete of 24 penalties (for 234 yards) were called in the game -- 12 ~ above the Redskins, 12 on the Saints.

Eagles, Ravens, taking an progressed look.

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A pair the NFL scouts will certainly be in the home today, as one member of the Eagles" and Ravens" institutions will be current to gain an advanced look at the Patriots and Cardinals. The Patriots, of course, travel to Baltimore next weekend, when the Cardinals will organize the Eagles in main 3 action.