Michael Jordan play fifteen seasons in the national Basketball combination (NBA) and as a experienced athlete has been just one of the most properly marketed people of all time. Jordan’s talent, drive and competitive spirit were important in popularizing the NBA internationally during his years on the court. Discover numerous interesting facts about Michael Jordan the cover his childhood, early life, family, basketball career, brand endorsements, and more.

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Facts about Michael Jordan’s childhood

1. Michael Jeffrey Jordan to be born February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, new York and his family members moved to Wilmington, north Carolina as soon as he was just a toddler, where he prospered up and went to school.

2. Michael to be the fourth of five children of Deloris and James Raymond Jordan, 3 brothers and also two sisters.

3. Michael Jordan’s idol together a boy was Magic Johnson and his own nickname was “Magic Jordan” as a result. He also had a license plate through this nickname on the on his very first car — a 1976 grand Prix.

4. His father and his father’s grandfather both stuck their tongues out as soon as concentrating and also working and also Michael learned to perform the exact same thing. In fact, his dad was his first basketball trainer.

5. A tragic event in his childhood led to a life time phobia that water. He saw a great friend get sucked into the ocean’s undertow and drown. Then when he was eleven, the himself almost drowned while at baseball camp. To this particular day he is not comfortable top top boats and around big bodies that water.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High.

33. Jordan’s address Nike practically didn’t involved fruition. Michael want to undertake Adidas and also was additionally offered a transaction to endorse a tiny brand dubbed Spot-Bilt. Nike offered a then-enormous deal of $500 grand annually for five years. They additionally promised come tailor the sneaker come Jordan’s liking. Jordan still want Adidas and went to them once more. They might in no method match Nike’s market though. For this reason Jordan and also Nike to win a deal and the remainder is marketing history. Nike released Air Jordan and also by the end of 1985 the line had earned much more than $100 million in revenue. an ironic note is the Jordan didn’t care for his very first shoes, the waiting Jordan I. He soon changed his mind as soon as he realized the pair of shoes distracted the other players.

34. eventually Jordan tested basketball by wearing his lover black and red waiting Jordan sneakers. They to be against the NBA dress code. Jordan paid every fine for wearing them from his Nike’s endorsements. Today, also all this years after his retirement, the is quiet of the world’s peak 50 greatest paid athletes.

35. prior to 1997, Jordan never ever earned an ext than $4 million in a season playing basketball. He was the league’s greatest paid player in just two the his seasons. In 1997 he to be paid $30 million and also in 1998 he was paid $33 million.

36. Jordan has likewise enjoyed endorsement encounters brands choose Gatorade, Coca-Cola and Hanes and also has been featured in their series of commercials.

37. Michael Jordan likewise is affiliated with several restaurants, consisting of the Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in Grand main Station Terminal in brand-new York City.

38. from 2004 till the finish of 2013 that owned Michael Jordan Motorsports. This firm had a experienced closed-course motorcycle gyeongju team. They contended in the AMA sanctioned Superbike Championship v two Suzukis.

39. Jordan purchase a share of his house state’s Charlotte Bobcats, nee Hornets, in 2006, and joined that executives as managing member that baseball operations. The Hornets had gone to brand-new Orleans.

40. In 2010 he came to be the majority owner the the Charlotte Bobcats and also when the name became easily accessible as the Hornets became the Pelicans, bought the back. Currently he is the head of basketball operations because that the Charlotte Hornets and improving the teams’ record is his number one goal.

41. that is the first former NBA player to end up being the bulk owners of an NBA team and the just African-American majority owner of any kind of NBA team. He joined the Forbes’ perform of global billionaires in 2015, the first professional athlete to attain this level the success.

42. Jordan is additionally a provided philanthropist. He sponsored his Michael Jordan Celebrity invite Pro-Am Golf tournament in las Vegas because that fourteen year from 2001 to 2014 and also is said to be in search of property in Florida on which to construct his very own golf club. That plays golf in celebrity charity tournaments that carry out basketball scholarships while additionally donating to high schools, Habitat for Humanity, branches that the Boys and Girls club of America, and other worthwhile projects.

About Michael Jordan’s personal life, friends, father, and backup career

43. His complete name is Michael Jeffrey Jordan and also he is well-known to his friends together MJ, some of whom encompass Spike Lee and Oprah Winfrey.

44. His best girlfriend is a limousine driver he met once he arrived in Chicago for the very first time in 1984. The Bulls didn’t remember to send who to the airplane to accomplish him and also a driver named George Koehler readily available to help him. George’s rider hadn’t presented up and George mistook Michael for his brothers Larry Jordan, whom Koehler had gone to high college with. He only charged Jordan $25 to take it him round the city. Eventually Koehler would come to be his continual driver and also a lifelong friendship emerged between the 2 men. They space still ideal friends.

45. Michael Jordan to be married come Juanita Vanoy because that seventeen years and they have three kids together: Jeffrey, Marcus, and also Jasmine. They divorced in 2002, reconciled, climate divorced again in 2006 because that good. The divorce to be on amicable and mutual terms. At that time, their divorce settlement of $168 million to be the many expensive celebrity divorce in history.

46. Jordan married design Yvette Prieto in April the 2013. She signed a prenuptial agreement before the wedding. Their twin daughters Victoria and also Ysabel to be born in February 2014.

47. Michael’s Jupiter, Florida mansion houses a basketball court, eleven bedrooms, a pool house, security house and guest house. Its an individual movie theatre was constructed to Jordan’s specifications to manage enormous quantities of cigar smoke.

48. Jordan took up smoking cigarettes in 1991. He used it to ease the stress of his long drives come the stadium prior to games. His coach didn’t mental the habit since it didn’t interfere with his power for the team.

49. Jordan’s father, James Jordan, was shot to death by 2 teenage thef while that slept in his car. Castle dumped his body in a swamp in south Carolina, whereby it was uncovered in Bennettsville. They were caught, convicted and sentenced to life in prison. His father’s murder to be responsible for Jordan’s decision to switch to baseball, as his dad had urged him to carry out for numerous years before his death.


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Although the left the university of north Carolina after ~ his junior year, Jordan did receive his level (in 1986) in cultural geography. Cultural geography is an arrival to meteorology and his backup career in instance basketball didn’t work out to be to be together a weatherman.