Liam Payne flourished up thinking he only had actually one to work kidney only to discover his other kidney totally recovered.

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If Liam is her favorite member that boy-band One Direction, review these top fifty fun facts about Liam Payne and also see how many you don’t know!

Liam Payne is a member that the British young band ‘One Direction‘.

Liam’s middle name is James.

Liam’s star authorize is Virgo.

His parents’ names room Karen and also Geoff.

He has actually two enlarge sisters, Nicole and Ruth.

Liam Payne is 28 years old. He to be born on respectable 29, 1993.

Liam is 5’8″ tall (1.77 m).

Liam flourished up believing he had actually one kidney, but on august 8, 2012, the physician revealed the his damaged kidney has totally healed.

Liam Payne appeared on The X Factor in 2008. He endured to the judge’s houses.

He prefers showers over baths.

He likes to sing in the shower.

When Liam was 4 years old, he provided to sleepwalk.

Liam sleeps naked.

Liam has actually two pets turtles dubbed Boris and also Archimedes.

Liam’s favorite cacao is Maltesers.

Liam support West Bromich Album football Club.

Liam dram the guitar.

He offered to be a member the the Scouting Association.

In march 2013, Liam acquired a brand-new puppy called Loki, ~ revealing this to his fans on Twitter, fatality threats were sent to his Loki.

He has a strange fear of spoons.

His favorite aftershave is Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million.

He’s indigenous Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England.

He to be a music technology student at the City that Wolverhampton College, a Further education and learning College.

Liam supplied to obtain bullied in institution by his classmates.

Payne has a birthmark top top his neck.

He own boxers v the work of the mainly on them!

In may 2012, Liam reduce his MacBook agree on his foot which broke his toe!

Liam doesn’t prefer to drink alcohol, the admits to gift tipsy a few times however that’s all.

His favorite sports is basketball.

Liam is the clumsy member the One Direction.

Liam Payne has over 1000 pan pages on Facebook!

Liam has actually a “man-crush” on Taylor Lautner indigenous the Twilight series.

His favourite movies room the Toy Story films.

Liam has size 8 UK shoes.

He has offered his call number to pan before.

He is great friends through Ed Sheeran.

Liam likes the quiet, embarrassy girls.

Liam wants to teach Zayn how to swim.

He loves cooking.

Liam admits the he would certainly love come play a unauthorized prank top top Simon Cowell.

He is the many romantic the end of the group.

Liam play Pokémon lots when he to be younger.

Liam does not prefer a girl to do the very first move.

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Liam obtained a Batman date of birth cake indigenous his girlfriend daniel Peazer for his 19th birthday.