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Finch"s Landing stands as a relic that the Old South. The is a former plantation, twenty miles from Maycomb, ~ above the banks of the Alabama River. That was once a growing cotton plantation begun by Simon Finch that Cornwall, England, and also maintained by the male descendants that his family. The...

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Finch"s Landing stands as a relic the the Old South. The is a previous plantation, twenty mile from Maycomb, ~ above the financial institutions of the Alabama River. The was once a prospering cotton plantation begun by Simon Finch that Cornwall, England, and also maintained through the masculine descendants of his family. The finish of this prosperity came, together it did to so numerous other plantations, with the polite War. After this, Simon"s relatives were left with just the land and the large, rambling home located in ~ the finish of a two-rut road.

The white house has actually two stories with verandas the circle the upstairs and also downstairs, in the format of plenty of a plantation home, but that is all the is similar to others dwellings of that style. Inside, Simon Finch had actually the daughters" bedrooms i ordered it so the they can only be got to by one staircase, which began in the bedroom of their parents. In this way Simon always was aware of the coming and also going of his daughters in the evenings. Remnants of slavery remain, as the kitchen is separated native the rest of the home by a wooden catwalk, and also an old bell supplied to summon slaves or ring as a distress signal tho stands ~ above a pole.

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Whereas Atticus and his brother Jack have left this residence because that independent stays in respect professions, their sister Alexandra continues to be at the old residence through a "taciturn man" who lies around in a hammock and does little more than watch his fishing lines. In this Old south environment, Alexandra stays a for sure believer in heritage as evinced by her continuing to live in the old home and her insistence upon preserving old traditions. Having never totally separated herself from the old civilization of the south as her brothers have, Aunt Alexandra maintains particular views the collide through those of the an ext progressive Atticus.