ns am searching for a native that defines a series that two. "Duo" isn"t rather what i need. It should much more be in line through "trio", "quartet", and so on.

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I am in search of a word that would certainly contain the very same connotation the "continuity" where one component relies on that is predecessor to it is in understood and also appreciated, however for a number of two things.



Diptychs, dilogies, duologies, series, cycles, and also sagas

TL;DR: use diptych for one novel released in 2 halves, dilogy or duology because that two completely different however still bespeak novels, however just series once ordering doesn’t matter. Less typically used native for associated collections incorporate cycle, saga, and legendarium.

Actually, a collection of three may or might not it is in a trilogy — it just depends. It could just it is in a three-part serial.

The indigenous trilogy to be originally used to a set of three fully separate yet interrelated Greek plays. Our ideal surviving instance of this is the Oresteia by Aeschylus about the residence of Atreus (the Atreides, in one spelling), which consisted of three various plays: Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, and The Eumenides. The satyr beat Proteus, which offered as a type of coda piece (well, or codpiece :) come the trilogy, has actually not survived.

So it is three. But what about two?

The native most straight analogous come trilogy is no the neologued duology however rather dilogy. However, that has not historically supposed a two-volume set of novels. Per the OED, dilogy is a term of rhetoric meaning:

Etymology: ad. L. dilogia ambiguity, a. Gr. διλογία, f. δίλογος, f. δι‑ double + ‑λογος speaking. In mod.Fr. dilogie.

The usage of an faint or equivocal expression; the word or expression therefore used.

Repetition the a indigenous or phrase, in the same context. In current Dicts.

If that ambiguity of feeling does not bother you, then walk ahead and also use dilogy.

Author Dan Simmons often writes what the calls diptychs, stories released in 2 halves, favor two opposing leaves folded into one tale, such as his Ilium–Olympos diptych. Uneven duology but like dilogy and also trilogy, diptych is an really Greek word.

However, quite than meaning two various words together a suspect duology would show up to indicate, diptych means a “two-folded thing”, analogous to a triptych meaning a “three-folded thing”. Therefore a diptych is one piece folded right into two halves.

These room not just two novels emerging in the same civilization setting; they room two integral halves of the very same thing. They could perhaps be dubbed a collection in the Ilium is the first half that the singular story concluded in Olympos.

Another example of a diptych by a different author is the The sorcerer’s Knight by Gene Wolfe. These were originally published in 2 parts, an initial Knight then Wizard, however the occupational is now easily accessible as one volume.

Another the Wolfe’s works, The book of the new Sun, has actually been variously released as 4 volumes, as 2 volumes, and also as one volume. One might speak to the two-volume collection a diptych to be one therefore inclined, or the four-volume set a tetraptych. Yet that will most likely just acquire you talked around — and probably more, alas, than the not correct tetralogy would. Maybe simply go for the jocular fourology; at least nobody will ever bother to tell you that that one is wrong. :)

Interestingly, simply as Aeschylus had actually an extra coda come his Oresteia in the lost Proteus, Wolfe relented come his publisher’s push by issuing The Urth the the new Sun together a follow-on novel. Yet Wolfe himself calls the a coda. It is a second novel adhering to the first, and also even released as five volumes these do not a pentalogy make.

Perhaps the most notoriously mislabelled example is The lord of the Rings, a solitary novel that has seen publishing in one single volume, in three volumes, and in 7 volumes. No matter just how you look at it, The lord of the Rings is never a trilogy no one heptalogy; that is only a solitary novel, just like a diptych is. Tolkien himself famously wrote that “of course” The lord of the Rings was no trilogy, due to the fact that he actually understood the difference. No issue how countless pieces a novel is published in, that is quiet a novel.

The differentiating factor is the they consist of one contiguous story, and must be review in that order. Castle might too have been published as one volume, however for publishing constraints that size and timeliness. Top top the other hand, the combination of The Hobbit and also The lord of the Rings can be justly called a dilogy, due to the fact that they space two elevation novels that can be check out each on your own.

An interesting instance containing both example and counterexample is the d’Artagnan Romances, a trilogy by Alexander Dumas. The trilogy’s three novels space The 3 Musketeers, Twenty years After, and The Vicomte the Bragelonne.

That is a legit trilogy, as the novels are separate stories. However, the last of those 3 novels is so huge that it has been variously released in sets of three, four, and also even 5 volumes. (You might recognize The male in the iron Mask, one of the pieces of the 3rd novel.) Vicomte is every still one novel though, not any sort the whatchamacallogy.

Steven Brust would later on mimic Dumas’s structure of a trilogy whose 3rd novel is published in three volumes in Brust’s own Khaavren Romances, one overt homage come the previously swashbuckling trilogy the Dumas. Brust’s trilogy comprises The Phoenix Guards, Five century After, and also The Viscount that Adrilankha. However, Viscount was itself published as a triptych of three parts, every under its own title, simply as Dumas’s previously Vicomte had actually been.

When you have actually two or three various self-contained story in the very same setting, this is miscellaneous else. If they are expected to be read in a details serial order, climate they are perhaps a dilogy or trilogy, although it is pointless to the allude of obscurantism come keep adding Greek prefixes to ‑logy as more volumes room issued. If girlfriend dare contact the thirteen Vlad Taltos novels native Jhereg through Tiassa released by Steven Brust with 2011 a triskaidekalogy, girlfriend had best be doing therefore in jest, because no one will certainly take friend seriously. Lock are merely a series, and also therefore need be read in no specific order. Another contemporary series that deserve to be check out in any type of order is the Culture Series by the so late Iain Banks.

But when they are just one story that happens to be published separately in a number of volumes, they are not a trilogy nor even a series. They are merely a serial, or a serialized novel. Countless novels were originally published this way.

The key point is the a solitary novel separation into 3 pieces is never ever a trilogy, nor is a solitary novel break-up into two pieces a dilogy or duology.

They are just serialized novels. Words favor diptych for a two-parter and also triptych for a three-parter are much an ext accurate than duology or trilogy, since those suggest that they are separate novels — different words, if you will — not merely one thing with two or 3 folds.

Sometimes friend come across larger collections of written works that all take place in the very same setting, however may not incorporate the same characters or time periods. Regularly these contain not just several different series of novels but also shorter works such together novellas, quick stories, annals or histories, and sometimes also poetry. Taken together a whole, these are each referred to as a cycle. Taken from a Greek indigenous originally an interpretation circle, the ax was very first used in the paper definition of Homeric epics, climate of Arthurian ones, and finally discovered itself used to later good works of modern writers. The OED specifies this sense of cycle as:

A collection of poems or prose romances, accumulated round or relating come a central event or epoch of mythic history and developing a continuous narrative; as the Arthurian cycle. Also transf.

Originally supplied in the Epic cycle Gr. ὁ(ἑπικὸς) κύκλος, the collection of epic poems composed by later on poets (Cyclic poets) to complete Homer, and presenting (with the Iliad and also Odyssey) a consistent history the the Trojan war and of all the heroes engaged in it.

So for example, the Mabinogion is a cycle of eleven stories, the earliest people we have actually of the Britons. In a contemporary context, the tales of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle space sometimes referred to as the Holmes Cycle, and also the P.G. Wodehouse novels and also stories about Jeeves and also Wooster space occasionally dubbed the Jeeves Cycle.

More recently, the arsenal of three different collection and plenty of ancillary much shorter works that Gene Wolfe has created in the setting begun in The book of the brand-new Sun and also followed top top in The publication of the lengthy Sun and The book of the short Sun is occasionally referred to as The Solar Cycle, when the 2 series, one separate novel, and also several shorter works that Steven Brust has developed in the Vlad and also Khaavren universe is occasionally referred to as The Dragaeran Cycle.

Tolkien wanted to call the aggregate collection that his tales of Middle-earth his Legendarium, a medieval Latin word definition a collection of legends. To the finest of my knowledge, this word is this particular day used exclusively for Tolkien’s world, no for anyone else’s.

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Related narratives that are an ext Nordic in origin or tone space sometimes recognized as sagas. The iceland Sagas built up by Snorri Sturluson room a prototypical example. Modern-day examples that collections referred to as sagas encompass Julian May’s Saga of the Pliocene Exiles and also Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga.