COMPACT and also EASY come CARRY!

This little Pistol package a huge Wallop!

The Taurus model PT25 offers a little yet an effective package, taking advantage of the .25 ACP cartridge. These petite pistols fill a wallop and enjoy the extra convenience and also peace of psychic the Taurus tip-up barrel provides. The snag-free hammer provides them the reliable favorite because that back-up or lightweight body guarding. These an effective double-action defenders continue to be an attractive, elegant selection for ladies and also gentlemen. The design PT25 attributes a manual safety and the Taurus countless lifetime fix policy. Nickel complete with gold accents and also white pearlized grips.

The Taurus PT25 is a semiautomatic, double-action-only (DAO) pistol constructed on a steel frame. A true subcompact, the PT25 weighs just 12.3 oz. Empty and has an all at once length the 5.25″.

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The barrel procedures 2.75″ v a 1:15 rate of twist.

Double activity Only
.25 ACP
12.3 oz
 Nickel w/Gold Accents
9-Round Magazine

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