The to compare microscope is the mainstay of forensic science enabling two objects or samples to be compared side by side.

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While the major use that this kind of instrument is criminology together in ballistics, other scientific areas including paleontology and archaeology utilize these distinct compound microscopes.

What is a comparison Microscope?

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Comparison scopes are two compound light microscopes the sit next by side and enable the user to see both specimens with a facility eyepiece that displays both images.

Compound microscopes space microscopes that use multiple lenses come magnify an image for study.

The photos from the comparison instrument can also be moved to a computer monitor, television screen or sent out via the net to a remote computer.

The ability to view two samples simultaneously enables them to be meticulously compared to view if castle are identical or different.


The primary use of these varieties of dual microscopes is in forensics, a self-control that supplies science and an innovation to assist solve crime by providing factual evidence and also linking crime scene evidence to a doubt or location.


Tools create certain marks, bullets have actually signature marks, hair have the right to be human or animal and using two compound microscopes to study a well-known sample against a accumulated piece of proof can confirm an objects origin.

Having lot of eyepieces, photo magnifications ranging from 6x to 400x depending upon the microscopic lense model and image viewing options including left or appropriate views only, next by side views that both samples and also superimposed viewing locations one photo on peak of the other for comparison.


A number of forensic microscopic lense companies use contents from the primary microscope providers, consisting of Leica, Zeiss and also Olympus. Leeds Forensic Systems provides a number of systems that use Olympus and Zeiss optical components.

FX C is a engine- macroscope the provides detailed study that a little section of a larger object. Clever Automation software provides a wide selection of computerized alternatives including virtual microscopy.Leeds Forensic Systems - offers a wide variety of forensic microscopes plenty of utilize Olympus BX microscopic contents that provide ergonomic eyepieces, uniform illumination and a range of observation tubes.Ken-a-Vision - (see below) provides a cordless to teach comparison instrument that have the right to be used for macro and also micro samples.View choices include live independence and twin side viewing v illumination indigenous the height or bottom.A full charge enables this teaching forensic tool to be in use without power for forty hours.Forensic comparison Microscopes - supplies three comparison tools specifically design for use in the ar of criminal investigation.

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Their 10x through 144x magnification unit is portable and includes a USB digital camera system with ports for still photo or videotaping.The 40x through 600x forensic unit supplies multiple illumination alternatives including irradiate direction permitting this unit to be provided for metallurgical and also epi-illumination applications.The 40x through 1000x compound unit includes both CCD video clip and USB still photograph camera, distinct screen choices permit image reversal to add left and also right side picture views in ~ 100%.This unit has a clean thin-line screen department allowing better comparison the samples without compromising clarity. Recommendations uses comparison microscopes that space well priced and are solidly developed by good manufacturers.