How many ways deserve to you struggle a 9 dart finish?

3,944The total variety of different means of achieving 501 through nine darts is 3,944, of which 2,296 finish with the bullseye, 672 end on D20, 792 ~ above D18, 56 finish on D17, 120 finish on D15, and also 8 end on D12.

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What execute you obtain for a 9 dart finish?

If a player access time a ripe darter in a non-televised event, they room awarded a silver Pin Badge. If a player hits a 9 dart complete in a televised competition, they get a Gold pen Badge.

How often do 9 dart finishes happen?

There have been 344 nine-dart finishes in PDC background since 1999. 2020 saw 29 nine-dart finishes, though only Phil Taylor and also Michael valve Gerwen have ever been able come hit two nine-darters in the exact same game.

What’s the the very least amount that darts required to gain 501?

A nine-dart end up is a perfect leg in the sport of darts, using just nine darts, the fewest possible, to inspect out from 501. That is notoriously an overwhelming to achieve, also by the game’s height professionals.

How numerous 9 darters have there been?

There have actually been 370 ‘9 Darters’ in PDC (WDC) history since 1996. Brendan Dolan, James Wade and also Robert Thornton room the only players to hit the perfect video game with the double start format in the WGP.

How lot do you gain for a 9 darter in human being championship?

The compensation money because that the tournament was £2,500,000 in total – the very same as in the previous year. The winner’s share was £500,000. A unique prize the £100,000 was easily accessible to any kind of player who hits two nine-dart finishes, a feat which has actually never formerly been accomplished at any type of World Championship.

What’s harder hole in one or 147?

Former civilization champion trumped did not hesitate in dismissing a hole-in-one indigenous the equation and settled very convincingly top top the 147 as being the most challenging to traction off.

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Is a 50 darts mean good?

A good average for beginner darts football player is between 30 come 40. For knowledgeable darts players, a good average is around 50, and for top darts players, a great average will be over 60. A an excellent darts typical for many bar or pub leagues is between 45 to 60.


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