(For Reference just 2022 rules TBA)BOWLERS!!! Please read Carefully and also Print This Page!Failure come abide by any type of of the adhering to rules may result in her disqualification.

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(Disclaimer- when all initiatives to preserve accuracy have been taken, the official Rules room those ~ above the entrance Form. Any difference here to be unintentional and also a an outcome of my fingers not obeying my brain!)PLEASE see CORRECTION concerning RULE 10 

GENERAL:1) all USBC Rules no specified below will be in effect.2) Photographs will certainly be taken of bowlers put in the peak 5 of each event. You will be notified by your scoring attendant have to this be required. Refuse or fail to have photo bring away will result in disqualification.3) every bowlers are required to it is in USBC Certified. USBC member Cards have to be presented at check-in. Non-certified bowlers and also bowlers certified or sanctioned external of the USBC may enter by to buy an associate membership from USBC for $25. (An optional Participation Fee that $5 might be payment to get in the Lilac City No-Tap competition ONLY. NOTE: This will certainly NOT cover any other competition entered!)4) any bowler entering the Lilac No-Tap who is not eligible as to USBC Membership shall forfeit any type of claims come refunds and/or compensation money, and all linked scores of said bowler disqualified.5) PRIZES: All guarantees as noted on the prior of tournament entry application will be paid as well as at least one (1) prize because that every ten (10) entries. All prize fees will be returned 100%.6) short article dated and/or starter checks will not be embraced for payment of entrance fees. Only certified checks, money order, charge card, or cash will be embraced at time of bowling.

7) reverted CHECKS will certainly BE charged A $40 FEE and IF no PAID IN complete BY JUNE 28, 2020 WILL an outcome IN THE DISQUALIFICATION OF all SCORES for THE INDIVIDUAL, DOUBLES, and also GROUP associated WITH said CHECK.

8) Entries close prior to the start of the critical squad listed on June 28, 2020. POSITIVELY NO REFUNDS after THE final SQUAD has actually BEGUN.

BOWLER ELIGIBILITY:9) This tournament is open up to all USBC Certified Members following these guidelines: a) Singles is one occasion where Men and also Women complete for the very same prize fund. B) Doubles Teams may be Men, Women, or Mixed, all competing for the very same prize fund. C) Two first year bowlers* are not allowed to bowl with each other in Doubles. D) expert BOWLERS** are NOT allowed TO PARTICIPATE. E) NON-USBC: Special consideration will be offered to bowlers certified and/or sanctioned exterior of the USBC. However, all bowlers must submit entrance forms to our office at least TWO WEEKS prior to bowling. Walk-ins will not it is in allowed. Contact if clarification is needed.

10) Minimum age for attendees is 16 years of age as that April 19, 2020. Unmarried high school college student under the age of 18 must furnish the tournament with a signed parental consent form at least 1 week before participating. In the occasion they room bowling through the parent or legitimate guardian, the form may it is in filled out at the time of bowling. Failure to execute so will disqualify every scores and also prize money connected with the bowler.RULE 10 change as of march 14, 2020 - because of a rule change by USBC for Youth Bowlers and also our occasion being non-compliant with their RVP requirements, no bowlers under the period of 18 will certainly be enabled to key our events. Every entrants should be 18 together of April 19th, 2020 come participate.

AVERAGES: (NOTE: USBC Bowlers may obtain their average info by visiting www.bowl.com.)11) all bowlers will get in using your HIGHEST USBC, CTF, or other Nationally certified or sanctioned median from the past three seasons(2017-18, 18-19, 19-20), minimum of 21 games. This includes all leagues even if it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Present season typical used will certainly be the bowler’s typical “at time of bowling”.In addition: a) A bowlers “CONVERTED Average” as provided on Bowl.com from a sports or Competition organization will be offered if it is the greatest average detailed or report for that season. B) A bowler’s “COMPOSITE Average” as listed on Bowl.com, will certainly be provided if this average is 5 or an ext pins greater than greatest league average noted or reported for that season. C) Collegiate, Youth, and also uncertified or unsanctioned league averages perform not satisfy entry requirements yet must be reported and also will be used have to it be higher than other averages submitted. D) every bowlers beginning the Lilac City No-Tap competition must have actually a certified or sanctioned average from either the 2018-19 or 2019-20 season of at least 42 games. If not, that bowler must bowl scrape in every events. E) any type of CURRENT SEASON median of 15 gamings or more, but less than 21 games, the exceeds a bowler’s entering typical by 5 or much more pins, need to be reported for possible adjustment. F) any type of bowler who has averaged 10 or much more pins greater than his/her entering average, in any kind of of the past 5 periods (2014-15 thru 18-19), should report this at time of registration for possible adjustment. G) NON-HOUSE pattern AVERAGES: all bowlers with averages established on a SPORT or COMPETITION Pattern, even if it is certified therefore or not, have to report these averages as such. These averages will certainly be changed by the appropriate USBC counter chart. Highest standard or converted average will be used. Scores will certainly be disqualified for anyone report an mean as standard should the be found to it is in otherwise. H) tournament Director has jurisdiction on usage of any kind of Converted sports or Competition Average in extenuating circumstances and may enable the bowler’s use of a standard median if available and certified. All requests for factor to consider must be made 2 weeks prior to bowling. I) DOUBLES: At least 1 bowler must have a current season average. (2019-20) In addition, at the very least 1 bowler must have actually Certified or Sanctioned averages in 2 the the past 3 seasons. If not, both bowlers should bowl scratch in Doubles. J) failure to report averages, that form the basis for the competition director to accept, adjust, or deny entry, shall result in disqualification. K) that is every bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy the his/her average, whether originally it is registered by the bowler, team captain, or other.

12) use of current SEASON mean prior to one of two people the finish of the organization season or the date that averages are submitted come your regional association, calls for that a verification form be completed and also submitted to our office by the critical day that the tournament, if not at time the bowling. Develops are easily accessible at Check-in. Average reported at very first event will certainly be provided throughout the tournament.

13) fail to use the proper average, or do a mediate at the moment of bowling, may disqualify any kind of score. Prize winnings will certainly be based upon the average submitted if it is higher than the correct average. Typical corrections should be it is registered to the tournament office, in writing, in ~ 7 days native the date of bowling.

14) competition Management has actually the ideal to change scores ~ bowling should verified typical or various other pertinent information come to be availablethat was not available at time of check-in. 

15) The maximum allowed average for handicap is 225 for Singles and also 450 for Doubles. Maximum allowable Team typical for entrance in Doubles is 460.Doubles Teams over the Maximum enabled average can not participate.

16) The team captain’s signature ~ above the applications verifies all info to be correct as submitted.

AVERAGE ADJUSTMENT:17) every entrants are required to be familiar with USBC dominion 319e rerating requirements and comply v all demands in each separate event. A) In enhancement to tournament scores native the ahead 12 month period, all scores from the ahead (2019) Lilac City Tournament, Inc. Events must be offered in calculating a competition average. B) The tournament has actually the best to adjust, reject, or reclassify any kind of entry without penalty before the time that bowling in each different event.

18) entry fee will certainly be refunded if entrant(s) carry out not wish to participate after gift notified of any adjustment. Only the singles or doubles set affected is eligible for a refund.

HANDICAP:19) In all events, handicap will certainly be based upon 95% the the difference in the Bowler’s/Doubles Average and also 225 in Singles and also 450 in Doubles. Every entrantsover the maximum typical for handicap in Singles, and between 450 and 460 in Doubles might bowl SCRATCH.

DECLARATIONS: (for clarification, the word “Certified” replaces words “Sanctioned” as per USBC)20) every bowlers are required to report at time the registration: a) all prize winnings the $300 or an ext in any kind of one event, $500 merged in any type of one tournament, or $1000 total for all tournaments bowled in the coming before 12 months as per USBC ascendancy 319d. B) any kind of rerate or typical adjustment, whether embraced or refused, and/or disqualification by any tournament (certified or uncertified, residence or local tournament, or TV show). C) all scores bowled the were 100 pins or an ext over his/her typical in a 3 game tournament (133 for 4 games, 166 because that 5 games) indigenous the vault 12 months, as well together in any kind of current Lilac event. D) any current peak 10 position in any kind of tournament or event, certified or uncertified, as well as any present Lilac event. (Including any Tournament still in progress)

21) Bowlers that fail to report any type of of the over prior come bowling may be disqualified, forfeiting all tournament fees and also winnings. Declarationmust be complete, in writing, in ink, signed and also dated through the heralding bowler. (Forms are noted at Check-in and through request)

22) as soon as a bowler is requested to submit all tournament scores, he/she have to reply in writing in ~ 15 days of the request, whether or not they havescores or winnings to report.

TOURNAMENT PLAY:23) A MINIMUM the 4 BOWLERS is forced to form a squad.

24) every bowlers should report to the competition office one hour before scheduled bowling time to check in. All doubles partner must check in together and have every necessary information v them in ~ this time. LANES will BE ASSIGNED through THE competition OFFICE.

25) The competition office will try to also up every squads. In the event of circumstances beyond control, bowlers assigned lanes alone need to bowl alone.Upon refusal to do so, no entry fee will certainly be returned.

26) three (3) gamings will be bowled across 6 lanes for each event.

27) No-Tap way you that you get a STRIKE as soon as you tear down nine (9) pins with your first ball. All various other scoring is regulation.

28) A bowler or bowlers getting here late will certainly be allowed to bowl, yet scoring will certainly start with the framework in which castle are all set to bowl.

29) Substitutions before bowling will be enabled in Doubles event. Every substitutions must be reported to the competition office at least one hour prior to bowling.

30) as soon as a instead of enters one event already in progress, (not permitted in Singles) the handicap will certainly be based upon the original bowler’s average or the substitute’s, whichever is higher. Substitutions will only be make in the occasion of injury.

31) All insurance claims for one error in scoring should be made come a tournament official immediately. No alters in score will be make after the following bowler bowls.

32) If an automatic pinsetter or scorer has actually a breakdown, the tournament office has the right to move bowlers to other lanes and take every little thing steps are necessary to proceed play. In the situation of irretrievable score loss, that video game (not set) need to be rebowled.

33) The tournament has actually the best to weigh any ball after ~ bowling. If the sphere is uncovered to be illegal, this will certainly disqualify the bowler, every scores, and also norefunds will be made. Bowlers may have the surface and also weight the the ball checked prior to bowling.

34) Premature discontinuation of the tournament brought on through war, national emergency, or emergencies relating come fire, strikes, job difficulties, or various other reasons beyond the control that AMF Dewey Garden Lanes, or the Lilac No-Tap Tournament, shall reason the foregoing prize list to be prorated in accordance to the number of entrants who have bowled in the tournament at the time of termination.

35) The tournament Director and/or Assigns have final say regarding all questions and/or disputes developing in the Lilac City Tournament.

MULTIPLE PARTICIPATION:36) A bowler may complete 5 times in each event. A bowler may bowl twice with the same doubles partner. In doubles events, a bowler may cashonly once with the highest score through the very same partner, but as plenty of times together scores show if you change. In singles, a bowler may only cash once, v his/her highest score.

DEFINITIONS:*First Year Bowler: A Bowler who has actually never had actually a certified or sanctioned average in an adult league prior come the 2019-20 season.

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**Pro Bowler Rule: We consider our No-Tap a “Fun, Amateur Event” and therefore restrict the following. Members of any type of Professional combination (PBA/PBA50/PWBA), any nationwide or international Team members, former members who memberships have not terminated more than 3 years before April 19, 2020, and also former members who have actually won any kind of professional title in the past 10 years.(2010-11 season to present) In addition, need to we determine past performances as past that the what we consider “amateur”, us reserve the appropriate to deem any kind of bowler as “Professional” strictly with regard come entry requirements for Lilac City Tournament, Inc. Events. Us suggest calling our office must you have questions or need additional explanation.