How to convert Kilometers every Hour to Miles every Hour

The fastest way to transform kilometers every hour to miles every hour is to usage this straightforward formula:

The rate in miles every hour is same to the rate in kilometers every hour split by 1.609344. Because one kilometre per hour is same to 1.609344 miles every hour,<1> that"s the counter ratio provided in the formula.

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For example, here"s exactly how to transform 5 kilometers every hour come miles per hour utilizing the formula above.

5 km/h = (5 ÷ 1.609344) = 3.106856 mph


Kilometers every hour and miles per hour space both units provided to measure speed. Keep reading to learn more about each unit the measure.

Kilometers per Hour

Kilometers every hour space a measurement of rate expressing the distance traveled in kilometers in one hour.

The kilometre per hour, or kilometre every hour, is one SI unit of speed in the metric system. Kilometers per hour have the right to be abbreviated as km/h, and are additionally sometimes abbreviated together kph. For example, 1 kilometre per hour have the right to be written as 1 km/h or 1 kph.

In official expressions, the slash, or solidus (/), is offered to different units offered to indicate division in an expression.<2>

Kilometers per hour deserve to be expressed utilizing the formula: vkm/h = dkmthr

The velocity in kilometers every hour is same to the street in kilometers divided by time in hours.

Miles every Hour

Miles per hour space a measure of rate expressing the street traveled in miles in one hour.

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The mile every hour is a us customary and imperial unit that speed. Miles per hour have the right to be abbreviated together mph, and are likewise sometimes abbreviated together mi/h or MPH. For example, 1 mile per hour have the right to be created as 1 mph, 1 mi/h, or 1 MPH.

Miles every hour have the right to be expressed utilizing the formula: vmph = dmithr

The velocity in miles every hour is equal to the distance in miles separated by time in hours.

Kilometer every Hour to Mile every Hour counter Table

kilometre per hour dimensions converted to miles per hour Kilometers every Hour Miles per Hour
1 km/h 0.62 mph
2 km/h 1.24 mph
3 km/h 1.86 mph
4 km/h 2.49 mph
5 km/h 3.11 mph
10 km/h 6.21 mph
15 km/h 9.32 mph
20 km/h 12.43 mph
25 km/h 15.53 mph
30 km/h 18.64 mph
35 km/h 21.75 mph
40 km/h 24.85 mph
45 km/h 27.96 mph
50 km/h 31.07 mph
55 km/h 34.18 mph
60 km/h 37.28 mph
65 km/h 40.39 mph
70 km/h 43.5 mph
75 km/h 46.6 mph
80 km/h 49.71 mph
85 km/h 52.82 mph
90 km/h 55.92 mph
95 km/h 59.03 mph
100 km/h 62.14 mph
105 km/h 65.24 mph
110 km/h 68.35 mph
115 km/h 71.46 mph
120 km/h 74.56 mph
125 km/h 77.67 mph
130 km/h 80.78 mph
135 km/h 83.89 mph
140 km/h 86.99 mph
145 km/h 90.1 mph
150 km/h 93.21 mph
155 km/h 96.31 mph
160 km/h 99.42 mph


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