In this article, we"ll show you specifically how to calculate 3/8 that 6 so you have the right to work out the fraction of any kind of number quickly and easily! Let"s acquire to the math!

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You probably recognize that the number above the portion line is referred to as the numerator and the number below it is referred to as the denominator. To work out the fraction of any kind of number, we an initial need to convert that entirety number right into a portion as well.

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Here"s a little tip for you. Any kind of number have the right to be convert to portion if you use 1 together the denominator:

So currently that we"ve converted 6 right into a fraction, to job-related out the answer, we placed the fraction 3/8 next by side v our new fraction, 6/1 so that we can multiply those two fractions.

That"s right, all you need to do is transform the entirety number to a fraction and then multiply the numerators and also denominators. Let"s take it a look:

In this case, our new fraction can in reality be streamlined down further. To execute that, we need to discover the greatest common factor the both numbers.

You can use our handy GCF calculator to work this out yourself if you want to. We already did that, and also the GCF that 18 and 8 is 2.

We have the right to now division both the brand-new numerator and also the denominator by 2 to simplify this fraction down to its shortest terms.

18/2 = 9

8/2 = 4

When we put that together, we deserve to see the our finish answer is:

The complete and also simplified answer come the inquiry what is 3/8 that 6 is:

2 1/4

Hopefully this tutorial has helped you come understand exactly how to find the fraction of any kind of whole number. You can now go give it a go with much more numbers to practice your newfound fraction skills.

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