Shampoo is a mixture of chemicals used to clean the scalp and hair. Of course, we never had the intention to take them as a drink. However, for some careless reason, we maybe drink it by mistake. The question is whether drinking shampoo can cause death, does it have serious health effects, and how to handle the above situation. Keep scrolling and we’ll give you specific answers to your questions!

What happens if you drink shampoo?

Depending on the amount of shampoo and the type of shampoo, the situation will be different:

Drink a small amount:

VomitingAbdominal pain and diarrhea

Drink a fair amount:

Possibility of poisoningWith some toxic shampoos can damage the intestinal tractDrinking too much shampoo can die

Shampoo is a type of detergent. Depending on the type of shampoo, it will also have different cleaning abilities. However, what they all have in common is that it will harm you if you drink them.

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Should drink white water to dilute the poisonDo not be afraid, calmly learn and handle correctly. Search and check the chemicals in the shampoo to determine the name of the chemical. Check the information about the chemical type, quantity, and time taken. To give timely and accurate solutions.Stimulating vomiting to vomit out the chemical just swallowed. For example, drink 200-300ml of 0.9% saline and then pick your throat with your hand to stimulate vomiting.Should drink water to dilute the poison. In most cases of shampooing, you should drink plenty of water. To dilute chemicals, reduce mucosal irritation.After that, you should go to the nearest medical facility for examination and testing. In cases of drinking a lot of shampoos. Need to go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to induce vomiting immediately after ingesting shampoo?

You should do so, in the case of ingesting shampoo, inducing vomiting is the best measure. Because, you can minimize the amount of chemicals entering your body by vomiting them out.

2. What is the best thing to do after inducing vomiting?

After vomiting, you should drink plenty of water. Mineral water will help you dilute the chemicals of the shampoo. It also eases the burden on the kidneys and liver when working.

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3. Do I need to go to the hospital to get checked when I drink shampoo?

For the best you should have tests at the hospital. It ensures that your health is already safe. Then, your doctor will give you the most appropriate solution to help you recover.


As you know, shampoo is not a drinkable substance. It contains many chemicals and detergents. They will reduce the ability of organs in the body to function. In this article we have shared with you “what happens if shampoo goes in your mouth”. Hopefully, you will be more secure when you have the knowledge that we share!