Have you ever before browsed through Hair Colour swatches thinking I love that Colour, but it’s too dark and also I love that Colour but it’s also Red — I wish I might have a bit of that Red, simply a tiny lighter. Plot twist. You have the right to. We deliberately developed a Hair Colour formula that permits 2 Hair Colour Shades to be mixed together, because we are choose you — insatiable, choose to have actually the choice, gain being in control. We also understand and also think it vitally crucial, that you call the shots and also fine-tune your Hair Colour if it demands a few tweaks along the way. Now, I understand also this whole mixing Hair Colour point could be overwhelming and also full of concerns, so allow us to describe all the nitty-gritty details. Below you’ll discover all the essential pieces of indevelopment so you too have the right to start mixing Hair Colours.

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What does mixing Hair Colours mean?

Choosing 2 Hair Colour Shades to blfinish together, with Developer, to produce a new Hair Colour.

Why have to I mix 2 Hair Colours?

Mixing 2 Hair Colours offers you significant flexibility and also the capability to dictate your Hair Colours Lightness/Darkness, hue and also amount of vibrancy. Mixing Hair Colours provides you the capability to: Create a practice Hair Colour that fits your taste. Achieve that in-between Hair Colour. For example: The Colour between 3 Dark Brown and also 5 Light Brvery own. Add a little oomph of Warmth or vibrancy to your Hair Colour. Slightly Cool or neutralise your Hair Colour.

How carry out you select the Hair Colours to mix together?

Start by choosing your main Hair Colour.

Your main Colour is the Shade you like the many that will develop your Colour base. For example: If you prefer 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde however you desire to Tone down its intensity, 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde will still be your primary Colour.

Then choose your additional Hair Colour.

Your secondary Colour should dictate which direction you desire your Hair Colour to go. Your second Colour can: Darken your Hair Colour by mixing in a Darker Shade. Lighten your Hair Colour by mixing in a Lighter Shade. Cool your Hair Colour by mixing in an Ash or Beige Shade. Warm-up your Hair Colour by mixing in a Golden, Chocolate or Copper Shade. Subdue the Warmth, Coolness or vibrancy in your major Colour by mixing through a Natural Shade.

How perform you understand just how a lot of each Colour to mix together?

If you want your primary Colour to overcome usage a 3/4 primary Hair Colour with 1/4 additional Colour ratio.


If you desire an also contribution of each Colour, a 1/2 main Hair Colour and 1/2 second Hair Colour ratio will certainly give you the perfect balance.


Remember these Colour rules

Keep your major and second Colours like-minded — Cool and also Cool or Warm and Warm. Do not mix Warm and Cool Colours together, as they will counteract each other. Mix a Cool or Warm Colour with a Natural Colour to include a slight Cool or Warm reflect. Use a Natural Shade as your primary Colour to identify the Lightness of your Hair Colour.

How to mix your Hair Colours

To correctly combine your two Hair Colours squeeze each Shade (in the proper ratios) in your Tint Bowl. Using your Tint Brush mix the Hair Colours together, until they form a smooth consistency. Pour in your Developer and also, making use of your Tint Brush, stir till your mixture is thicker and also creamier.

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Try these famous Colour mix examples.

Colour Goal: A Cool, Light Brvery own / Dark Blonde with Ashy shows. Colour Ratio: 1/2 + 1/2 Colour Mixture: