The 2019 Chevy Malibu has actually made a surname for chin in plenty of ways, particularly when it pertains to fuel economy. This version specializes in efficiency with 3 incredibly capable engines to pick from and a range of fuel-economy-boosting features.

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In this Chevy Malibu Gas usage guide, we at Feldman Chevrolet that Livonia will certainly go end the nitty gritty details the this model’s outstanding fuel economy, that is engine options, and much more. Shoppers in the areas of Livonia, Redford, and Wayne need to read front to discover more!

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Chevy Malibu Powertrain Options

The 2019 Chevy Malibu offers you the an option between three impressively capable engines, starting with a traditional 1.5L turbocharged ECOTEC® engine. You can additionally opt for an obtainable 2.0L turbocharged ECOTEC® engine the pairs with a 9-speed automatic transmission. Together, this pair pumps the end an incredible 250 horsepower.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Chevy Malibu’s other obtainable engine—a 1.8L hybrid engine. This engine pairs with a hybrid propulsion system to maximize every autumn of petrol in your tank.

Chevy Malibu Gas mileage & MPG Overview

All three engines available for the 2019 Chevy Malibu sell an superior amount of efficiency. The traditional 1.5L engine achieves an EPA-estimated 29 city / 36 highway MPG.1 even with the high-powered 2.0L turbo engine, you’ll still attain an impressive EPA-estimated 22 city / 32 highway MPG while supplying a peppy drive anywhere you go.1

For the finest efficiency possible, though, take a look in ~ the Chevy Malibu’s available hybrid engine system. Through this hybrid powertrain, you’ll obtain to experience an incredible EPA-estimated 49 city / 43 highway MPG.1

Other superior Chevy Malibu efficiency Equipment


While the reliable engines room the star the the display in the 2019 Chevy Malibu, lock aren’t the just pieces of devices that occupational to make the many of her fuel. Depending on which engine you choose, friend can additionally count ~ above one or more of the adhering to systems come maximize her fuel economy:

Variable Valve timing which transforms the valve timing to optimize every gearshiftDirect Injection which delivers fuel straight to the engine to expedite the processStop/Start technology which transforms the engine off once you’re quit to preserve fuelDriver effectiveness Gauge i beg your pardon keeps friend in the loop about your fuel usage and regeneration

These features are designed to work straight with the 3 engines in the Malibu’s powertrain lineup come ensure that you obtain the best fuel economy in all species of driving conditions.

Test drive the 2019 Chevy Malibu!

As you have the right to see, the 2019 Chevy Malibu excels once it involves fuel economic climate no issue which the the three engines you decision to equip that with. However, its effectiveness is much from the various other thing the this model needs to offer.

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Get behind the wheel and get the complete experience through us in ~ Feldman Chevrolet the Livonia. Shoppers in the locations of Livonia, Redford, and Wayne can schedule a test journey in the Malibu this day by providing us a contact at the dealership!

1 EPA-estimated MPG city/highway: Malibu through 1.5L engine 29/36, through 2.0L engine 22/32, Hybrid 49/43.