Honda public Coupe

The 5th generation of the Honda public debuted in Japan ~ above September 9, 1991. The brand-new Civic was larger than that predecessor, had a an ext aerodynamic body and the wheelbase was enhanced to 257 cm (101.3 inches) because that the three-door hatchback and also 262 cm (103.2 inches) for the four-door sedan. The wagon was also dropped for abroad markets, if the previous generation terminal wagon ("Shuttle") ongoing in Japan and also Europe.

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At its arrival in, it won the automobile of the Year Japan Award for the second time.

This generation of public used lightweight materials to create a fuel efficient economy car. Compared to the vault generation, the cowl was raised, which permitted for an ext suspension travel. Together with that adjust the ride came to be softer than that that the vault generation, which listed a more compliant journey at price of crisper handling.

In addition, vehicles through the 1.6 l SOHC VTEC 125 PS (92 kW; 123 hp) engines such as the Si hatchback and EX coupe models found in the joined States, provoked popularity of the (relatively) high-performance 1.6 together inline-four segment. In southern Africa a distinctive model v the B18B3 native the Acura Integra RS was specially developed to to fill the void left by the lack of the DOHC B16A VTEC engine in the range.


Trims easily accessible in the two-door coupe human body style, introduced for 1993, were the DX (EJ2), EX, and also EX-S (EJ1), for the joined States domestic Market (USDM), and the DX, DX "Special Edition" (EJ2), and Si (EJ1) because that the Canadian domestic Market (CDM). The coupe, built in both Canada and also the unified States, was additionally exported come European and Japanese markets. A left-hand drive version of the public Coupe was released as a limited edition in Japan, imported from the unified States, come celebrate the tenth anniversary the the Honda Primo dealer network in 1994.


1995 Honda public Coupe

DX: The DX was the base model equipped v all-manual features, driver"s side door mirror, rear defroster and also power brakes. The 1995 Canadian-only DX "Special Edition" added an AM/FM cassette player, wheelcovers, centre armrest console, clock, power steering, and also power mirrors.

EX/Si: The USDM EX/CDM Si had an AM/FM cassette player and also upgraded sound system, cruise control, wheelcovers ~ above 14-inch (360 mm) wheels, clock, 9K tachometer v 7.2K RPM redline, moonroof with tilt feature, power steering, and dual body-coloured power mirrors and door handles. The USDM EX likewise received strength locks and windows. Dual air bags and optional ABS with rear disc brakes identified the USDM 1993-only EX-S model.


Introduced in 1992, trims easily accessible in the hatchback body layout in the U.S. And Canada to be the CX, DX, VX (EH2) and also Si (EH3), however the VX and also Si models were discontinued in Canada after version year 1993, while the DX to be discontinued ~ 1994. With a full interior room (passenger and luggage) that 90 cu.ft., the hatchback was classified by EPA of U.S. As subcompact.

CX: The economical CX to be the base design equipped through all-manual features, and also power brakes. In the U.S., it came with the 8-valve 70 hp 1.5L D15B8 engine and manual transmission. With 42/48 miles every gallon (mpg) (city/hwy) or 40/47 mpg (city/hwy) , the CX to be the second most fuel-efficient civic model the the fifth generation, ~ the VX. CX models in Canada came through the same 16-valve 102 hp 1.5L D15B7 engine as in the DX model, yet could additionally be ordered with automatic infection which also came v power steering. The 1995 CDM CX models (colloquially and/or unofficially known as the "CX-Plus") added the rear wiper/washer as a typical feature, and could be ordered v side mouldings and also manual passenger-side mirror.

VX: Fitted through the same hands-on transmission together the USDM CX, the VX was similar to the base design CX except that it gained improved fuel performance through a 92 hp 1.5 l (d15z1) VTEC-E engine yielding 48/55 mpg (city/hwy) or 44/51 mpg (city/hwy) . In Canada, it to be rated by transfer Canada fuel usage estimate: 4.7L/100 kilometres city and also 4.3L/100 kilometres hwy. Other added features to be an 8K tachometer v redline in ~ 6K RPM, lightweight 13-inch (330 mm) aluminum alloy wheels, too as added front & behind under-body trim additions to boost aerodynamic flow. The VX was likewise equipped through an aluminum alternator bracket, one aluminum front driver"s side engine mount, and a lightweight crank pulley. In addition, the instrument swarm of the CX and VX featured a shift indicator light the would educate the driver as soon as to change upwards in stimulate to achieve optimum mileage. To this day, the CX & VX models are lauded as one of the just gasoline-powered cars the rival the fuel economic situation of today"s hybrids and diesels. In the in march 2010 problem of auto & Driver because that example, the mentions its long-term test car, a 2009 VW TDI Jetta with 6-speed dual-clutch auto transmission, got worse fuel mileage (38 mpg) 보다 their 1992 Honda civic VX test auto (which gained 41 mpg) and also 2000 Honda understanding hybrid (48 mpg).

DX: The much more powerful DX (pictured), with a 102 hp (76 kW) 1.5 together D15B7 engine, hands-on passenger side winter (after "92), tilt steering, intermittent wipers, next mouldings, rear wiper/washer, and rear cargo shelf as traditional equipment. In spite of the greater hp powerplant, the DX returns real-world mileage of 38 city / 45 hwy.

Si: The Si model replaced rear north brakes v discs, included a power moonroof with tilt, cruise control, a dashboard clock, a 9K tachometer v a 7,200 rpm redline, plastic wheelcovers top top 14 customs wheels, strength side winter (body coloured, beginning in 1993), body-coloured door handles, and also a 125 hp (93 kW) 1.6 together single-overhead cam D16Z6 VTEC engine with hands-on transmission. It enabled the vehicle to fight 0-60 in 7.5 seconds and also a quarter-mile time the 16.3 in ~ 86 mph. VTEC caused on the input side and also not the exhaust side, which to be the result of the spark plug blocking the area wherein the electronic came follower would certainly be. In 1994, rear speakers and also optional ABS were additionally added.

In other industries (Japan, Peru) the Si received the 1.6 D16A9 DOHC non-VTEC engine, v 130 PS (96 kW). At this time, however, the Si was not the most powerful variant of the civic sold elsewhere: In Europe, Honda likewise offered the civic VTi, which featured a 160 PS (118 kW) B16A2 engine, and the JDM SiR, SiR-II, and SiR-S lugged an even more powerful B16A engine, which made 170 PS (125 kW). Japan likewise received a VTi model with a 1.5 litre engine similar to the D16Z6, through 130 PS (96 kW).

In European sectors the trims obtainable were the DX (EG3/1.3 L; 75 PS Engine code:D13B2), LSi (EG4/1.5 together 90 PS Engine code:D15B2), VEi (EG4/1.5 together SOHC VTEC-E 92 PS Engine code:D15Z1), ESi (EG5/1.6 together SOHC VTEC 125 PS Engine code:D16Z6), and also VTi (EG6/1.6 together DOHC VTEC 160 PS)


Trims accessible in the USDM sedan body layout were the DX, LX (EG8) and EX (EH9), while the CDM models to be branded slightly in different way as the LX, LX "Special Edition" (1994-95), EX (EG8) and the EX-V (1992-93) (EH9). In Japan, a four-door sedan to be introduced dubbed Japanese: public Ferio, marketed at Honda Primo dealerships, when a more upscale version was referred to as the Honda Domani offered at Honda Clio. In Japan, the "Ferio" surname was provided from 1992 until 2006 on every sedans, regardless of trim packages installed.

The USDM DX/CDM LX to be the base model, and also equipped v all-manual features and power brakes. The Canadian-only LX "Special Edition" included an AM/FM cassette player, wheelcovers, center armrest console, clock, strength steering, double power mirrors, and air conditioning. The USDM LX/CDM EX contained an AM/FM cassette player, cruise control, center armrest console, clock, tachometer, power steering, and power windows, locks and also mirrors. For 1994-95, the USDM LX had wheelcovers top top 14-inch (360 mm) wheels v 175/65 sized tires; in 1992-93, the wheels to be 13-inch (330 mm) with 175/70 tires. Top top the USDM EX/CDM EX-V, Honda added the VTEC engine, a power sunroof, human body coloured mirrors (beginning 1993), rear persuade bar, ABS, upgraded stereo, and deluxe wheelcovers.

The four-door wagon was not updated for this generation platform, and also continued to use the ahead generation around the world until February 21, 1996, as soon as it was replaced by the Honda Orthia and also Honda companion sold only in Japan.

North America

All DX and also LX models supplied the D15B7 a 16-valve SOHC engine rated at 102 bhp (76 kW; 103 PS) and 98 ft·lbf (133 N·m) of torque. DX and also LX models were aimed in the direction of the economy mindful market. The USDM CX models had actually the D15B8 which is one eight-valve non-VTEC engine rated in ~ 70 bhp (52 kW; 71 PS) if the CDM models came through the D15B7. The VX had actually the D15Z1 (VTEC-E engine) capable of 92 bhp (69 kW; 93 PS). The USDM EX, CDM EX-V, and also the Si had actually the D16Z6 SOHC VTEC engine (125 hp (93 kW)).

Other markets

In Europe the DX has the D13B2 (hatchback EG3), the LSI has actually the D15B2 (hatchback EG4, sedan EG8) and also D15B7 (coupé EJ2), the VEi has the D15Z1 VTEC-E (hatchback EG4 and sedan), the ESi has actually the D16Z6 (hatchback EG5 and sedan), and the VTi had actually the B16A2 (EG6/EG9).

In Japan, and a few other export locations, the VTi was offered with two various motors: the B16A2/3 (160 PS DOHC VTEC) and the D15B (130 PS SOHC VTEC). The D15B share the very same head as the US civic Si (D16Z6) but features a distinctive block, crank, and also rods. The automobile shared the 1.5 l displacement the the various other D15 blocks, yet the rods to be the same size as the D16"s (137mm) and also a better rod to stroke ratio (1.63) quite than the typical D15"s proportion of 1.59. Regardless of this, the crank and bearing size were no the same.

In the Middle east the EX has actually the D16Z9 (sedan EH5) and also the VTi (hatchback & coupé, EJ2) has actually the B16A2\3 engine.

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