"shił yá"át"ééh" can mean "I choose it". "nił yá"át"ééh"-- "you prefer it", "bił yá"át"ééh" -- he/she/it likes it.

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It is no really express " ya-ta-hey".

Navajo is a tonal language, there is high, low, rising and also falling tone. The marks above the vowels right here make it high tone. Sing the word greater than your common speaking voice.

I have actually attached a link of the word being pronounced so friend can try to to speak it correctly.

The mark in between the 2 "a"s is a glottal protect against consonant. We have actually it in English in "Uh"oh".

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The t" is a sound us don"t have. It is different than a t which they likewise have. The is a glottalized consonant. To say the you organize your breath in her throat and also say t rather explosively.

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