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These ROOT-WORDS room SCRIB & SCRIP which come from the Latin scribere & scriptus which typical to WRITE. Below again there room two spellings, since the Latin verb has actually two spellings. In ancient days prior to printing had been created the error in a manuscript was SCRIBal, currently we call it a misprint and blame the printer. Word No. 17 demands a little of explanation. Formerly, workers were not always paid in cash yet in certificate or bonds. The was referred to as paying through scrip.1. Scribable : SCRIB maybe (skribe’ a b’l) adj.Can be composed upon; have the right to receive the markings the a stylus or pen2. Scribacious : SCRIB acious (skrie bay’ shus) adj.Addicted come writing; fond that writing3. Scribble : SCRIB ble (skri’ b’l) n.Meaningless marks on paper4. Subscription : sub SCRIP tion (sub skrip’ shun) n.A acquisition order; sign one’s name for acceptance5. Scribblemania : SCRIB blemania (skrib’ el may’ ni a) n.A mania because that making meaningless marks on paper6. Ascribe : A SCRIB e (a skribe’) v.To to express to; attribute; as, ascribe success to difficult work7. Circumscribe : circum SCRIB e (cir kum skribe’) v.To draw a heat around; set limits to8. Conscript : con SCRIP t (kon skript’) v.To enroll into military service; come draft9. Conscript : con SCRIP t (kon’ script) n.One drafted into military service10. Description : de SCRIP tion (de skrip’ shun) n.A depiction in indigenous of other seen
11. Inscription : in SCRIP tion (in skrip’ shun) n.Words engraved top top a rock or monument12. Scrivener : SCRIV ener (skriv’ e ner) n.A windy writer; a scribe13. Superscription : supervisor SCRIP tion (Su every skrip’ shun) n.Writing above an inscription14. Prescription : pre SCRIP tion (pre skrip’ shun) n.Written directions from a physician for ready of a medicine by a druggist15. Script : SCRIP t (script) n.Written characters; also short for manuscript, used in the theater16. Scribe : SCRIBE (scribe) n.A public writer acting as a clerk17. Scrip : SCRIP (skrip) n.A list; record money; a means18. Scripture : SCRIP ture (skrip; chur) n.Any sacred writings especially, the Bible19. Transcript : tran SCRIP t (trans’ kript) n.A copy of other in writing, typing, or printing
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Spectro,spect & spec room the root-words for plenty of other words.Graph is the root-word for many other words.English : The ideal site because that the student to learn English online.EtymologySimil & simul space the root-words for numerous other words.