What Is NSF and also How NSF Certified commodities Can advantage Your Foodservice Operation?

by G.E.T. Marketing, on january 30, 2017 3:06:59 PM

If you’re in the advertising foodservice industry, opportunities are you’ve checked out a tiny round blue NSF certification mark on few of your equipment orsmallwares. In this article, we"ll define "what is NSF" and discuss benefits of to buy NSF certified commodities for her foodservice operation.

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What go NSF stand for?

NSF, nationwide Sanitation Foundation, is a non-profit organization established in 1944, whose score wasto createstandards for food safety and also sanitation to encourage public health. When you acquisition NSF certified foodservice products, that means:

The manufacturer of foodservice commodities uses just FDA authorized raw materialsProducts passed plenty of NSF testing for material safety, design, construction, and also product performanceA guarantee that harmful chemicals i will not ~ seep into and also contaminate the food of her customersProducts space commercial dishwasher safe and also will not most likely harbor bacteria

What go NSF certification median for afoodservice operator?

NSF’s restaurant standards and certification programs command the market in technological expertise, credibility, and also acceptance worldwide. When it involves health codes, federal, state, and also local regulations currently are often set based on current NSF standards. However, no everyone in foodservice market knows around NSF.

NSF doesn"t advertising on the regional street level and also the foodservice sector doesn"t have a mandate that states that all products touching consumers" foodmust be NSF certified. Many national chains recognize the prominence of customers" trust and also take the obligation on themselves to ensure the all commodities usedin their infrastructure are NSF certified i m sorry will, in turn, ensurethat their customers space safe.

Brands collection the standard, not the foodservice industry.A manufacturer chooses to invest in NSF certification because they know that raw product andproductionstandards will be upheldand they deserve to stand behind their product quality. Resellers choose NSF certified products since they want to supply safe assets for your customers. Foodservice operators choose NSF certified assets becausethey care around their name and also reputationand desire to be certain their customers aresafe.

Here is a list of services NSF certification can bring to her foodservice operation:

Satisfaction in discovering your operation is in adherence to food safety regulationsEstablishes validation of operator’s commitment come safety and also qualityIncreases credibility and distinguishes your procedure from competitorsGuarantees your foodservice assets will be complimentary of harmful chemicalsPositive brand exposureConfidence and also trust in her brand by customersPeace the mind

But wait, not all foodservice assets can be NSF certified?

Not every foodservice products commonly supplied in the industry can be NSF certified. Because that example, porous materials, which encompass glass, glass-like materials, porcelain and also porcelain enamels can not be NSF certified and also shall no be provided in a food zone(touching food) follow to NSF conventional 36, page 2, volume2012.

How execute I recognize thefoodservice productsI buyare NSF certified?

The simplest means to learn whether the product you use is NSF certifiedis to look because that the NSF logo design on the bottom of your foodservice item. Over there is likewise an main list easily accessible that lists all NSF certified assets on NSF website.


NSF certification and also G.E.T. Philosophy

NSF certification process is rigorous and costly. Having just one product tested for NSF certification can start at $1,500. The overall process depends on the product/line, procedure or business being certified, and also the type of certification.

This prolonged procedure contains product evaluation, substantial product laboratory testing, a production facility inspection, manufacturing confirmation, and product sampling. ~ a product is certified, NSF will conduct routine facility audits and product retesting to verify the the product proceeds to comply through its standards.

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Because we believe in giving top quality commodities to our customers, G.E.T. Walk the extra mile to make certain that ours products, where applicable, room NSF certified. Every one of our melamine products have been tested and also certified as being for sure to usage in foodservice.Although it"s costly, offering our customers v NSF certified safe assets isimportant to us and also our brand and we"re proud to do our customers" reputations and the security of your customers our priority.