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Spanish is a beautiful language, and also learning it comes with plenty of benefits. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that us can regularly be uncovered bragging about the significant destinations and tasks throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America the deserve a point out on her bucket list. And–as we’ve been fast to point out on much more than one occasion–having also a simple understanding and knowledge in the Spanish language have the right to enrich your visit to central or southern America tenfold. Whether you just need to brush increase on her old high school Spanish or room brand brand-new to the language, keep reading for some necessary phrases every among us have to know:

The Basics

Let’s start with the necessities. You deserve to put these simple phrases come use also if you have no plan on taking a holidays anytime soon. Try chatting through your server at her favorite mexico restaurant, that Nicaraguan neighbor you’ve to be nervous to talk to, or the Peruvian owner of her favorite coffee shop. Opportunities are that they will certainly be excited that you’ve take away an attention in Spanish and will desire to help you learn an ext about this important aspect of their culture.

¡Hola! ¿Cómo está usted? / Hi! just how are you?


Bien, ¡gracias! / Good, say thanks to you!

¿Dónde está el baño? / wherein is the bathroom?

Possible Responses:

Allí. / over there.

A la derecha. / come the right.

A la izquierda. / come the left.

¿Cuánto cuesta? / how much walk this cost?La cuenta, por favor. / The bill, please. (when making a request for your bill in a restaurant.)Buen provecho. / gain your meal.¡Sálud! / Cheers! (and “Bless you” when someone sneezes)¡Adiós! / Goodbye!Did you already know all of these? Test your Spanish skills with our free Spanish language level test!

Common Expressions

After discovering the most an easy phrases, you deserve to move on to common expressions that will add a friendly ton to her conversations. Just like in the U.S., regions within various Spanish-speaking countries have many of their own local expressions; however, these are rather general and also will spread out a optimistic message in daily conversations as you job-related to better your Spanish.

Si Dios quiere. / If God wills it.

This is a common expression muttered by civilization of every ages and backgrounds, including those don’t consider themselves religious. It’s type of a way of saying, “what will certainly be, will certainly be.” You might say that it looks choose a huge rain storm is coming and also get the response, “Si Dios quiere.”

Así es la vida. / That’s just how life goes.

Good or bad, “así es la vida.” As much as this favourite saying, it’s often proclaimed in solution to miscellaneous mildly unpleasant or awkward, though no always. If you to be in a fender bender, you shed dinner, or your lottery ticket to be off by one number, that’s just exactly how life goes!

Que Dios dare bendiga. / may God bless you.

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Again, though this sounds overtly religious, it’s an everyday saying that’s offered when saying goodbye. Together you to speak goodbye come a girlfriend or acquaintance, a familiar “que Dios te bendiga” lets them recognize you great them fine on every fronts.


If we’ve whet her appetite for learning more of the Spanish language, be certain to contact us. We sell a huge range of learning options to for sure you’re maybe to find out Spanish through ease and confidence. Contact or email us today!