Days of the WeekM = MondayT = TuesdayW = WednesdayR = ThursdayF = FridayS = Saturday

Abbreviations can be combined. Because that example:TR means the course meets top top Tuesday and Thursday every week.

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MWF means the course meets every Monday, Wednesday, and also Friday.


Section codes

The 2- or 3-digit number after ~ the course code is the section number or code for the course.

EXAMPLES that some common special ar codes:ART 1045 - 03N:the N at the end the the code indicates this is a course that meets ~ above campus in the evening (night).HIST 1010 - N03:the N in ~ the beginning the the code indicates this is a course that just meets online in eLearn.

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BIOL 2010 - R50: section numbers that start with R adhered to by a number suggest TN eCampus digital classes (formerly dubbed RODP). This classes carry out NOT usage Chattanooga State's eLearn site. For more information, go here.For assist with unusual codes such as RP1 or PT2, please watch your torture or contact the department.


Building / ar codes (map here)(All locations are on the key Amnicola campus unless declared otherwise.)

CodeBuilding or Location
CATCenter for progressed Technology
CBIHCenter because that Business, Industry, & wellness Professions
CETASCenter for engineering Technology, Arts, & Sciences
DENTDental Assisting (Clinical location)
HOSPHospital (Clinical location)
HPFHealth & physical Fitness / gym
HSCHealth science Center
HUMHumanities Building
IMCInstructional Materials center / Library Building
MTCMedia technology Center
NORTHDayton campus (Dayton, TN)
ONLINEInternet-only class
TNECTenn eCampus digital class
VOLKSVolkswagen Academy campus (Volkswagen plant)
WEST2Kimball campus (Kimball, TN)