I have long to be a fan of the movie Paint your Wagon, with Clint Eastwood and also Lee Marvin showing off your lyrical talents. The meaning of the title constantly bothered me, though. Various other than for medicine shows, walk anyone actually paint their wagons in the 1800’s? Then i recalled that repaint was frequently a sobriquet because that a horse, which gained me to reasoning that probably the title described hitching ole repaint to the wagon. If ns preparing because that a wagon trip, ns think I’d be more likely come hitch my horse to it 보다 look because that a 19th century indistinguishable of Earl Scheib. To be I reading too much right into the title? am I absent the watercraft completely? i humbly seek edification ~ above the question.

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I always took “paint her wagon” as an interpretation “get her shit together and move on.” one unpainted wagon will certainly rot - a painted one is protected from the elements and fit for travel.

Love the movie, yet I really wish they’d cast leads who can sing. Harve Presnell and also Ray Walston room the only Broadway vets in the bunch!

My father always used the phrase “paint the city red”, I constantly thought of painting your wagon red.

AFAIK Clint Eastwood’s only signing role. An excellent movie from start to end.

I don’t know if that qualifies together a covert meaning, however they do put forth the proposition that the ideal things in life are dirty.

I never read any type of hidden an interpretation into the title. As **silenus **said, an unpainted wagon will rot native the elements, so gain your shit together and also paint it. Painting your wagon expected you to be committed to making a long trip.

And it’s noticeable that the stars the the movie weren’t chosen for your singing ability. Once Lee Marvin sang “Wand’rin Star,” it to be assumed the it would be dubbed. However they made decision to use his version anyway.

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And it’s obvious that the stars that the movie weren’t favored for your singing ability. Once Lee Marvin sang “Wand’rin Star,” it to be assumed that it would be dubbed. But they chose to use his version anyway.

I take into consideration this movie to be proof the Jean Seberg to be the worst singer in history. Her to sing was dubbed, and also if you not great enough to song alongside Lee Marvin and also Clint Eastwood…


My father always used the expression “paint the town red”, I constantly thought of painting your wagon red.

AFAIK Clint Eastwood’s just signing role. Good movie from beginning to end.

Honkeytonk Man. He played a would-be country singer through TB.

Here are the text -Where am ns goin’?I don’t knowWhere am i headin’?I ain’t certainAll ns knowIs i am on my way

When will certainly I be there?I don’t knowWhen will I gain there?I ain’t certainAll that ns knowIs i am on mine way

Gotta dream boyGotta songPaint your wagonThe song is sung to a montage of civilization throwing over their old lives and also chasing turn off after the gold. Ns think “paint her wagon” is less, “get her shit together” and also more, “to hell through your shit; be merry and gay and follow her impractical dream”.


I consider this movie to it is in proof the Jean Seberg to be the worst singer in history. Her singing was dubbed, and if she not an excellent enough to sing alongside Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood…

Hey, at the very least it no star Pierce Brosnan. I choose the man however Mamma Mia! was a horrorshow.

On the film, ns think the covert message was “In the Old West, whorehouses and threesomes were considered just good until religion came along and also ruined it all.”

A lesson to live through if there ever was one!

Clint can handle “Gold Fever” due to the fact that the variety isn’t that great, however on “I talk to the Trees” the becomes apparent that a singer he ain’t. Exact same thing with Lee - top top “The best Things in Life are Dirty” he’s lugged by Ray and also the others. On “Wand’ring Star” he’s all alone, and also with good reason.


Unfortunately ns can’t discover the post which consist of this topic, i beg your pardon is frustrating, because I saw digital within the last couple of months, but it claimed that Alan Jay Lerner, who wrote the "book" for the initial play, offered “Paint your Wagon” to typical “head west”, i m sorry in the instance of the play to be to the California gold fields. An ext specifically, the expression referred to the practice of settlers paint things like “California or Bust” ~ above the sides of your wagons before beginning out.

The pat was originally intended to provide a more accurate portrayal the the U.S. West 보다 the typical movie “shoot-"em-ups”. Lerner did comprehensive research, and many the the play’s scenes – for example the guy selling his wife to one more man and also getting a receipt – were based upon true story he had uncovered.

On “Wand’ring Star” he’s all alone, and also with good reason.

You don’t really listen come him sing “Wand’ring Star”; you just feel it through the soles of her feet.

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I think it’s just a euphemism because that sex.

I believed it to be a euphemism for not-quite sex. “The whorehouse is closed–I guess ns am walk to have to paint my wagon tonight.”