In a sheet, how can I create down "play this line OR this line, as you like".

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The factor is the if the player is skilled, lock will choose to pat the first line, but if not, they will choose the second one.

Is there any defined means to compose that? Any specific symbols? A convention?


That is called an "Ossia", that is a beer-selection.comal term for "alternatively". Which means the player have the right to either pat the alternative passage or the initial passage. The Ossia is typically used in Liszt"s pieces. The Urtext for Balakirev"s Islamey additionally contains many alternative passages.

Here is an example of one Ossia notation in Liszt"s Hungarian Rhapsody No.6 in Db Major.


An Ossia passage might sometimes be notated only for one clef prefer in the example. Return I"m not certain if you could adjust the usage of the sustain pedal in the alternative passage, it"s much better to ask a skilled or a teacher. Or who who could know.



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just how to determine the key, divide the tabs and also count the pauses as soon as writing the sheet that a song? (image included)

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