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L and also W room slang state standing because that "Loss" and also "Win." Online, they"re offered by commenters to allude out even if it is they think other is negative or good for the subject of your comment. "L" in specific has been supplied to gloat end others; commonly, when someone is own online, commenters will certainly say they need to "Take the L," definition accept your defeat and also move on.


"W" and "L" room terms offered in sporting activities to explain a team"s wins and also losses. It is unclear when they began seeing use as slang terms. The Ringer<1> linked to the 1998 track "Twinz" by big Pun and also Fat Joe as an example of early intake of "L" together a slang term (shown below). Big Pun says in the song, "It"ll be a cold work in hell the day ns take an L."

On respectable 25th, 2003, Urban thesaurus user Cazort uploaded a an interpretation for the expression "Take the L," specifying it together "Stands because that "Take the loss". Frequently used to define flunking a test, gift dumped, gift stood up, gift beaten up or robbed, or shedding one"s money in the share market, gambling, or through exploitative business schemes."<2>



The phrase started seeing more use in the mid-2010s, particularly in sports and also rap communities. Top top December 20th, 2015, Twitter user
J_no24 post a photoshop of Odell Beckham Jr. Recording an "L," acquiring over 58,000 retweets (shown below, left). On February 21st, 2016, a Redditor asked the question "Who is Meek Mills, what space ""L"s"", and why is he taking so countless of them?"<3> In February of 2018, Fortnite introduced an emote that a dance referred to as "Take the L" (shown below, right).


After "L" became a popular means to signify a an adverse situation, others started using "W" to discuss positive situations, or a Win. Because that example, on may 22nd, 2019, a Redditor pointed out that Tyler the Creator"s Mugshot finished up in your yearbook, to which much of the thread replied "W" (shown below, left). ~ above September 7th, 2019, Urban dictionary user Kadukununu post a an interpretation for "W," composing "W can be provided for noþeles positive."<4>




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Oh-Il Nam, likewise known together player 001, has a an unified format whereby he"s supplied in mim while sitting, i m sorry is depressed and hollow, or standing, i m sorry is jovial and spritely.

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